Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that Meerabai got blessings from her Prabhu who took her into him due to her pure devotion towards him which gave her fruits of it. Pushpadant also says due to her pure devotion she got the gift of of her Prabhu who himself took her into him & he remembers all those devotee’s about whom he heard from Ganeshji since long who were blessed by their respective Gods pouring blessings on them of their achievements hence he too praises all those devotee’s for their great achievements of pure devotion & Pushpadant is immediately freed from his curse converting him into his original form while his wife & Ganeshji feel happy about him.

Pushpadant tells Ganeshji if he would had being near his Prabhu he would had danced of being his devotee but got curse due to his big mistake he did & Ganeshji says he hasn’t yet noticed he is freed from his curse too coming into his original form & he is surprised watching himself again in his actual form hence he praises his Prabhu’s name “Har Har Mahadev” while Prabhu also smiles on his praise.

Pushpadant expresses his eagerness to Ganeshji for meeting his Prabhu & Ganeshji tells him how much he is eager in the same way his Prabhu is also eager to meet his great devotee & he himself to meet his Mata while Mata Parvati too gets the intuition of Ganesh arriving & Mushak says yes the eagerness for eating Laddoos of Mata’s hands hence they leave for Kailash.

Prabhu Mahadev comes out of his meditation while Mata Paravati is also alert of arranging Laddoos for Ganesh who is arriving & Pushpadant along with his wife, Ganeshji & Mushak praise Prabhu’s name while Mata feels Ganesh has arrived so gets up to go for welcoming him & Prabhu Mahadev also gets up to welcome his devotee Pushpadant.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Pushpadant meets his Prabhu who praises Ganeshji telling him he explained him with all those devotee’s stories who were truly & purely devoted to their respective Gods & also got blessings from them but he did his foolish mistake towards his own Prabhu due to which he got this punishment but Prabhu tells him that’s why he got blessings of truly understanding the knowledge of other devotee’s because of which they are famous for.

Ganeshji meets Mata Parvati who tells him now it’s his time to marry but he says for marriage a girl is required & she says they have already spoken with Dev Shimpi Vishwakarma for their daughters Ridhi & Sidhi so to be ready for their arrival.

Ridhi & Sidhi are getting ready dressing up their selves to go to meet Shri Ganesh while Shri Ganesh is in confusion how to ignore this situation.

Precap :

Mushak asks Ganeshji will he be roaming everywhere to look after this world’s problems or will he keep sitting watching whatever happening with him & Ganeshji asks him to give him the solution how to stop this marriage. Mushak advises Ganeshji to take their test so that they’ll automatically cancel their marriage with him.

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