Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with everyone taking pics with Ram and Priya. Nandini asks Mama for the video. He looks for his phone. Brinda says Ram is very good, I promise, he will keep you very happy. She asks Ram to come. Dil ki dhadkan…plays.. Ram and Priya stand for pic. Mahender says I will go now, I know you don’t want to stop me. Meera says you have come without any motive, you may go. He argues. She says you said I m greedy for money. He says I said that in anger. She asks why, because Priya married a nice man, I knew you, still I got cheated. He thinks you don’t know, you have pushed your daughter in a big cliff. Sara asks Ram and Priya to stand close.

Ram says maybe Priya is still angry. Priya says its nothing like that. They get their pic clicked, holding the ‘’made for each other’’ board. Sara asks them to smile. Ram holds Priya. Brinda says change their poses. Meera thinks Mahender came suddenly and did the kanyadaan, did he come to break the marriage. She thinks if Ram didn’t come back then. The drama group guys come there. They ask for veg food. The guy asks what’s this prawn doing in the bin. The vendor says someone else gave this to us. Meera asks them to come and have food in her daughter’s wedding. The vendor says a fat guy had come and asked me to put the prawns in the noodles to feed someone. She scolds him and asks who did you feed that. He is about to say about Ram. She goes.

Sara asks Priya to stand quietly and get pics. Ram says one more thing is common, my friends are mad, and your sisters also, they are also mischievous, its good, we are serious people. Meera comes on the stage and says thank you. Ram says don’t fold hands, you have forgiven me after the misbehavior and permitted the marriage. She says no, you got annoyed and left, its your right. He says even then, thanks. She says someone else is also upset. Ram says yes, I didn’t say. They get pics clicked with Meera. Priya apologizes to Shubham. She says I hope we can forget this. Shubham says its okay, Bhabhi. Nandini says aw, so sweet, Priya forget it now.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

She asks Mami to smile. Neetu smiles. Ram thanks Priya. Priya says you are welcome. They smile. Meera asks can you send Ram and Priya home for Vijay Dashami puja, after their grahpravesh. Neetu taunts for taking over Ram. Meera says no, we gave our daughter to you. Nandini says Ram can go after bidaai and go the puja, we can do grahpravesh later. Meera asks don’t you have mahurat. Nandini says its all good mahurat from now, our families have united. Akki teases Shivi. Priya asks him not to tease her. Shivi hugs Priya and says I love you more than I love Ram. Ram says we have no problem, I love Meera more. Priya’s bidaai happens. He hugs Meera and cries. Ram talks to the doctor. He says I m going to Priya’s Sasural, send my medicines there quickly. Nandini asks what. Ram says nothing, acidity, I had much laddoos. Priya gets emotional and talks to Akki. He says I promise, I will take care of Shivi, we all will miss you. He hugs her and cries.

Ram thanks Nandini. She says whenever you thank me, you made me feel I m your stepmum. He says don’t say this. Priya hugs her family members. Sandy says we will miss you a lot. They hug. Ram and Priya sit in the car. She asks why are you crying. He asks don’t men have a right to cry, everyone was so senti, my heart isn’t made of stone. She says fine, cry if you want, I don’t know bad jokes to make you smile, you wipe your tears. She thinks is this called marriage, that we misunderstand each other’s words. Vedika sees Ram’s wedding pics. She gets a call for Shashi. The man says I m talking from the bank, he isn’t answering. Shashi takes the phone and says I will talk to you later. She asks who was it. He says you are seeing Ram’s pics here, did I ask you anything. She says he is getting married. He says yes, close your eyes now. She says you are forgetting that I chose you and married you, control your tongue. He asks why did you leave Ram and marry me, do you have courage to say the truth.

Shashi threatens Mahendar. Meera says Raavan has to end, Ram and Priya get together and burn this Raavan. Mahender looks on worried.

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