Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Ganeshji sitting in his off mood situation while Mata Parvati is insisting him to eat Laddoos soon because Vishwakarma might be arriving with his daughters any moment.

Mushak is watching Ganeshji & thinks saying in how tricky situation his Prabhu Ganeshji is sitting because he is reluctant for this marriage it seems while he can’t be able to perform his duties properly towards this world.

Mushak asks Ganeshji will he be ready for this marriage but Ganeshji says he has to & Mushak says it’s not easy for him to get married because marriage will make him attached to family life ignoring his day-to-day duties towards this world then it might happen that this world will face difficulties due to unavailability of him but Ganeshji says marriage is ultimately life’s acceptance which everybody has to go through like brother

Kartik who also finally accepted after lot of trouble & is managing well but Mushak says Kartik is elder so he can handle from one side of his area but Ganeshji being an ultimate God of this entire world hence everybody comes to him for help then how’ll he tackle everybody if got married getting stuck into marriage life? Ganeshji says he has the point but how to tackle this & he says leave on him but only to support him.

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Ganeshji & Mushak are waiting behind the tree while Vishwakarma is arriving with is daughters Ridhi-Sidhi. Vishwakarma’s daughters are asking him various queries about Kailash while Mushak is intimating Ganeshji to see they are coming hence he’ll plan to divert their attention so that they’ll return but to support him in his planning & Ganeshji agrees but wonders how to tackle.

Mushak goes while Vishwakarma greets him & he is trying in his tricky way to divert his attention from Ganeshji to make him feel he isn’t the right choice but Vishwakarma tackles him smartly giving him a test to show his talent of his understanding with his Prabhu Ganeshji & he says he’ll come but will ignore them for moving ahead as if not seen them & Ganeshji feels Mushak is helping him so he comes out & moves towards them while Mushak says keep going ahead Ganeshji so that his plan will become successful but Ridhi & Sidhi are surprised watching him. Ganeshji keeps moving but finally stops praying & welcoming Vishwakarma while Mushak feels awkward Ganeshji didn’t support him.

Mushak tells Ganeshji, while taking Vishwakarma along with his daughters towards Kailash, why he didn’t support him & he says he can’t do such a thing which is a wrong as per his status. Mata Paravati along with Prabhu Mahadev are welcoming them in Kailash but Mata Paravati asks Vishwakarma did he do as per her instructions & yes he says while Ganeshji wonders asking what kind of instructions & she says she is his mother who understands him whatever brewing in his mind & heart. Ganeshji looks towards Mushak while Mushak says not to look at him becasue this was his plans.

Precap :Mata Paravati asks Vishwakarma if the girls are able to cope in Kailash & they say they can handle however their life takes them towards. Ganeshi tells both of them to choose such a big seat which should be large but medium under their limit while both of them are moving towards a seat & all of them including Ganeshji are watching how they’ll tackle this test.

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