Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts Gautama asking Dwarka what does she want to say, what did Khanderao do. Dwarka asks didn’t you understand, Ahilya has grown up by your guidance. She praises Ahilya’s values. She says Ahilya didn’t get scared by Rajya work, Khanderao made made her lose attention in one night,

he has stolen her heart and mind. She laughs. Everyone laughs. Gautama says you are her Saas, its not good to tease her like a friend. Dwarka says I got a chance to tease her after a long time. Bana also jokes and laughs.

Harku says but we can still read her face. Gautama says everyone is teasing my bahu, but Ahilya, you don’t need to listen to them, okay, all my worries ended seeing you, because Khanderao and you are happy, you both are stepping in a family life, I will pray that your jodi becomes an idea one, you never have any trouble. Ahilya cries and thinks I can’t tell them.

Khanderao gets ready. Tukoji says Malhar will be coming to see the security chief test, just because Parikshit is your friend. Khanderao says he is coming to show my mistakes. Tukoji asks him to come. He says your annoyance with him didn’t end. Khanderao says I don’t want to talk. He says I was also upset when Malhar has sent you away, you can’t understand his state, you didn’t see that, you can just know your pain, not his pain. He explains Khanderao and asks him not to speak against his dad in front of anyone. Khanderao says I won’t feel bad, but Malhar regards you a son,

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

why don’t you advice him to respect the family, explain him to talk to me with respect. Gautama asks Ahilya to manage the kitchen and palace and Khanderao will handle the Rajya. Gautama smiles. Dwarka and Rakma get upset. Harku says I don’t think Malhar will free Ahilya from Rajya responsibilities so soon.

Gautama says Ahilya has promised me that she won’t handle the Rajya now, she knows to keep her promise. Khanderao comes there. Harku teases him. He smiles and says its nothing like that, I had some work with her. He asks are you coming to Shashtra Shaala, its Parikshit’s test today. Gautama asks what will she do there, Malhar and you will be there. Ahilya says give me one day today, halwa is made, I will do the work later,

its imp to go there. She thinks to handle Khanderao before his drinking habit gets known. She goes with him. Dwarka says you said that Ahilya wants to handle family and kitchen, it doesn’t look so, she was waiting for him to come, addiction to power is such crazy, think if Malhar gives her any responsibility, can she refuse, no way, she won’t keep her promise. Gautama gets upset.

Khanderao holds Ahilya’s hand. He asks are you still upset with me. He says I knew it, so I came to take you. She says I want to take you somewhere else. He asks where. She takes him to the temple. She gives a leaf in Khanderao’s hand. She asks him to swear, that he won’t touch wine from today. He says I can’t swear, I m not a kid, I have grown up, its not in my hands to end this habit, it gives me peace and happiness, I m not ruined in drinking, I m not so weak that I lose himself in wine.

She says I have seen you at night. He says I was drinking for my happiness, what’s wrong, no one knows about it, no one should care about my personal life. She says person gets weak when he depends on something, this is addiction. He asks her not to talk about it. He says I met you after many years, I don’t want you to get upset for any reason. She asks him to listen to her. He says I can’t leave drinking, its your wish, you want to ignore this and stay happy, or stay upset, I have to go now, are you coming or late.

He goes. She says you said right, I have to decide it, I got upset and requested you, I have to tell my wish now. Malhar sees Parikshit’s sword fighting skills. Khanderao smiles. The test goes on. Ahilya is outside in the stable. She caresses the horse. She hears the swords’ sound.

Precap :

Ahilya asks how did Khanderao get addicted to wine and when. Parikshit says its four years now.

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