Mere Sai 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Sai is sleeping. Raghav opens his eyes and leaves from Dwarkamai stealthily. He is waiting at a secluded corner when Sarkar calls out to him. Sarkar and Major Billy come there just then. Raghav says I was headed to your home. What if someone see us here? Sarkar tells him not to worry.

Tell us His plan. Raghav tells them (in mute). Sarkar praises Raghav on his work and gives him something. Leave Shirdi right away. Raghav thanks him. Sarkar and Major Billy leave. Raghav turns and is startled to see Sai standing behind him. Sai asks Raghav if it is right in his eyes to win someone’s trust and break it. Raghav says I did what I thought was right. I had no other option. Forgive me but you wont be able to understand my reason. Sai says I do understand but do you realize the plight of patriots.

Raghav asks Him how someone can understand someone else’s pain when his son is in unbearable pain. Everyone refused to treat my son. Sarkar offered to treat my son in return of some information. I have the medicine now. Please let me go now. My wife and son are waiting for me. He turns to go when Sai tells him that his son has recovered. Raghav turns around in shock. Sai says your son got the medicine. Raghav looks up and notices his wife coming there with their son.

He asks his wife about their son. She says he is fine now. Sai treated him. He has fully recovered now. Raghav feels bad. You knew that I was cheating you yet you helped me? Sai says I only saw your helplessness. It isn’t right to harm someone else for your plight. Raghav rues that he would have never done this if he knew it about Him. I have cheated you and our country. Forgive me if possible. Sai blesses them and walks away.

Mere Sai 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Raghav’s wife shares that Sai has asked to give udi to their son for an entire month. You must bring more udi. Raghav asks her how he will face Sai. I know that Sai and everyone will hate me for my mistake. I wish I could rectify my mistake somehow. Santa and Banta stop Raghav. You had to give info to Sarkar. Why are you so late? Raghav begins to explain when Santa cuts him mid sentence.

Sarkar and Major Billy are losing patience. Raghav wonders who he had met earlier if they weren’t Sarkar and Major Billy. He opens the lid of the pot and notices udi. He realises that it was Sai in Sarkar and Major Billy’s avatar earlier. He makes up a story for Santa and Banta. They head back disappointed. Raghav thanks Sai for bringing him on the right path and from doing anything against their country.

Sai smiles.

Next morning, villagers are decorating their house for Dussehra. Ravan’s effigy has been put in place as well. Baizama applies turmeric on Maan Singh’s forehead. Tatya’s face is covered with turmeric too. Baizama is emotional. She tells Maan Singh that she had become very fond for him in these 2 days but she cannot be selfish right now. I am sending you off to take care of our motherland.

I am sure you will achieve your mission with Sai’s blessings. Maan Singh says I lost everything in that incident but then fate brought me here. I found my family once again in Shirdi. I am glad that I am leaving Shirdi with so many relations. He touches her feet. She blesses him. Tatya checks outside first to make sure there is no police around. Baizama and Rambha look on worriedly.

Keshav is with Raghav. He wonders why Sai has asked them to wear same clothes. He notices Tatya and Maan Singh coming there is similar attire and is surprised. Tatya tells him something. They leave together.

Sarkar and Police are watching villagers intently as they celebrate. Their faces are covered with turmeric or yellow color. Major Billy is losing patience and questions Sarkar why his spy hasn’t come here till now. Sarkar says all those who approach the Fakir change suddenly for no reason. He can fool everyone but not me. We will catch Maan Singh at any cost today!

Tatya, Raghav, Maan Singh and Keshav look at Sarkar and officers. Tatya remarks that they have to make Maan Singh a part of this crowd. How will we make it happen? Sai comes there just then. He looks at them and then at Sarkar. Tatya says this is the right time. We must go to Sai. Tatya and Maan Singh mix with the crowd while Keshav and Bheema approach Sai. Sarkar and Major Billy’s eyes are glued on Sai.

Sai walks towards the crowd. An idol is kept in the centre. Sai and Maan Singh stand across each other. Sai tells Maan Singh it is time. Get ready. Flashback shows Udhav telling everyone that the flag is passed onto one person during the ritual. That person must walk around town holding the flag. He will take it but wont come back. Flashback ends. Maan Singh tells Sai he is worried that Khandoba ji might become angry if the flag isn’t returned. Sai tells him that Khandoba ji will bless him for serving his country.

Major Billy notices Maan Singh in the crowd. He starts walking towards Maan Singh but he disappears in the crowd.

Precap :

Maan Singh runs off with the flag as per the ritual. Sarkar notices him and goes after him.

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