Rishton Ka Manjha 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Arjun comes out of his room but hides himself nearby tree when he sees Luv there. Luv asks the securities to make sure that Arjun doesn’t leave the venue. Arjun thinks that means Nikharika told everyone but he has to do something so that he can able to take Diya to the competition. Karan’s men tells him that he thinks Arjun wont come and he is becoming more concerned about that and making lots of arrangements to stop him. Karan tells his men that he doesn’t know about Arjun who is obsessed with badminton and waiting for this opportunity and he dont want to take

any risk and asks his men to inform securities to give him updates of every fifteen minutes. Karan gets happy seeing Diya’s opponent Riya and calls her his winner and pride and smiles at her when she enters the room. Arjun wonders how to leave the venue. He sees one of the security so he goes to him and tells him that Amitabh is planning to give him a salary rise seeing his good work and tells him that he will guide him to how to get even more salary that that and takes him inside the room. Arjun comes out of the room dressing up like a security. He tries to leave but stops seeing Luv.

Niharika calls Luv and informs him that Arjun left his room through the window. Luv gets shocked. Arjun hides his face with an object. Luv thinks it’s a security so he asks him to go and find Arjun when Arjun doesn’t move Luv asks him to show his face and goes near Arjun. The latter gets tensed. Before Luv makes contact with Arjun one of the security comes there and informs Luv that someone tied one of the security in the room removing all his clothes. Luv gets shocked and he sees the security who he is talking earlier is not nearby him. He then asks one of the security to not to move thinking its Arjun but its not so Luv wonders where must be Arjun now and leaves the place. Arjun sits on the truck and hides his face and leaves the venue.

Karan asks Riya to make sure that she defeat Diya at any cost. Riya tells Karan that Diya is nothing but a street competitor so she is the one who going to win. Karan tells Riya that he likes her confidence but underestimating her opponent will only backfire her. He then talks about Diya’s way of playing her determination and her passion for badminton and tells its hard to defeat these kind of people so she has to be more prepared. Riya tells okay then leaves the place. Arjun gets succeed from leaving the venue. He then sees one of the driver outside the venue and asks him not to tell anyone that he left and snatches the key from the driver and leaves the place. Arjun tells that he has to reach on time or else he can’t able to take Diya to the competition on time. Diya’s marriage ritual starts with Ajit.

Rishton Ka Manjha 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Arjun motivates himself saying that he will reach the venue soon and take Diya to the competition on time. Karan gets a call from Tina. He tells her to hold Arjun for few more hours so that they both can get what they want. Tina says to Karan that he is right for Arjum badminton comes first and he left the venue even after so much effort she put to stop him. Karan gets shocked and then scolds Tina for failing to do this one work he has given her and tells her that he will do something to stop Arjun from reaching the match venue with Diya and cuts the call. Arjun reaches the venue where Diya is getting married. He goes nearby the mandap to see the rituals and gets shocked seeing Ajit there. He recalls his fight with Ajit. Ajit’s friends asks Diya to show her face saying they all want to see her and laughs. Arjun comes forward and asks Diya to not to marry Ajit sayimg he is not the one for her. Everyone gets shocked. Diya looks at Arjun with so much of confusion on her face.

Arjun tells Diya and family Ajit is not a good person he is a goon who makes others life a living hell so he don’t think Ajit is good for Diya. Ajit’s father gets angry and asks Diya’s father who is Arjun and what kind of relationship he and Diya shares. Diya’s father gets angry and asks Arjun to leave the house saying that he knows Ajit well. He also asks Arjun who he is to stop his daughters wedding. Arjun tells infront of everyone that he dont want any relationship label to stop the wrong thing from happening to others. He then tells he can’t remain silent when he knows the thing which happening infront of his eyes is wrong. He further asks Diya to believe his words. Diya’s father asks Arjun to leave the place or else he will call the cops. Arjun asks him to call the cops then from them he will get to know about Ajit’s truth. Ajit and his friends gets tensed.

Arjun tells Diya’s father that he knows he always wanted Diya to be happy but this time his decision to choose Ajit for Diya is wrong. He tells Diya is an educated well mannered girl whereas Ajit is exact opposite to her. He further tells if this marriage happens then Diya’s life will get ruined. Arjun also tells Diya and the family that he met Ajit when he was throwing an old couple for money. He saved them.from him. Diya asks Arjun what is he saying. Arjun tells if he has known this that Diya is getting married to Ajit then he would never let this happen. He also asks Diya’s father to not think about what other’s will think and save Diya’s life by cancelling the wedding. He also tells that he wont let Diya gets married to a goon like Ajit because she deserves more than that. Everyone gets shocked.

Precap: Arjun tells everyone that he wont let the Diya’s marriage to happen with Ajit. Later Diya and Arjun gets shocked when Diya’s father’s health detoriates and he falls.

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