Bhagya Lakshmi 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Rishi tells to Karishma that Ayush was right and Lakshmi tried to save me from these allegations and didn’t think that she is new to city And we have to thank her. Neelam leaves than Karishma to leaves with her daughters. Dadi Apologies to Lakshmi for misunderstanding her. Lakshmi takes her to room. Rishi thanks Ayush for taking stand of Lakshmi in front of everyone. Ayush leaves to his room.

Shalu and Bani calls Rishi and asks him to don’t misunderstand their Sister intentions. Rishi tells them everything  is fine and it’s not Lakshmi mistake. Shalu and Bani feels happy with his trust and tells him that he is best. Virendra tells to Neelam that Ayush was correct and Lakshmi is diamond. Neelam says she is your class so you will definitely like her. Lakshmi comes to their room with water and thinks why mummy ji talking in this way than she leaves Giving water to them.

Karishma  says Rishi and Everyone at home is changing so do something. Malishka says Rishi is not changing  and you have to talk with Ayush as he is taking  Lakshmi side . Sonia says he won’t change and eventually  he supports you as Rishi loves you.

Ayush tells to Ahana that Malishka is not matter to me and Lakshmi feels Rishi is world to her and can do anything for him and he is lucky to get a wife like her. Ahana says she too felt same. Rishi overhears their conversation. Malishka says Rishi loves me not Lakshmi and he passed my test too so stop taking tension regarding  me as Rishi will never love Lakshmi.

Rishi goes to his room and asks her what happened.  Lakshmi in tears says I wanted to save you but your name gets tarnished more because of my mistake.  Rishi says people  thinks I’m lucky to have you as you fight with whole world for me and previously  I’m precious to you and now you’re precious  to me. Lakshmi cries badly. Rishi asks why she is crying. Lakshmi says it reminds Dad. Rishi asks if she is missing  her Dad. Lakshmi says yes I’m missing him and she cries on his shoulder. Rishi supports her and reminisces how Lakshmi defended  him and how Malishka  threatened  him with her suicide. Rishi wipes her tears and makes her smile.

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Neelam couldn’t sleep thinking  Ayush words that Lakshmi is the one who’s is thinking  for Lakshmi. Virendra asks her to sleep but she tells him that she can’t sleep until she saves Rishi from allegations . Neelam and Sonia meets Shanaya and offers her hefty amount to take back the case. Rohan on call asks her to deny the money seeing about their family in wiki. Neelam thrice the offer to 2 crore and Shanaya denies listening  Rohan words. Neelam says 5mintues is over and justice will happen to my son but think what happens  to you later as you gonna regret for life. Rohan returns to home than Shanaya scolds him for making her denied the offer. Rohan says don’t worry they will run to you once Rishi gets arrested than take 200crores from them. Shanaya smiles.

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