Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Shubhra feeding Vedika along with Rishi and Roli. Vedika praises Shubhra’s cooking skills, while latter smiles and makes them eat the breakfast. Rishi gets ready to go along with Shubhra to the office, while Vedika ask question about him. Roli notify her that he daily goes to the office along with Shubhra and states that they both will enjoy together without Rishi. Vedika states that Shubhra loves them a lot, while Roli ask if she is missing her mother? Vedika stays silent, whereas Roli speaks that she also misses her father and proclaims that Kuldeep and Shubhra’s relationship is complicated.

Here, Samaira rebukes Kuldeep for wasting his time. She ask him to help her in finding house in Dubai. She states that she is doing everything on her own, while he replies that he isn’t willing to go to Dubai. He says that he will stay in Mumbai to handle her business but she denies. He shows her some outlets and ask to select the design of her house from them. He advice her to contact a broker for buying a house in Dubai, whereas she calls someone.

Chandrani reaches Samaira’s house in Mumbai. She enters inside her house and gets shocked seeing Phirki’s changed look. She laughs witnessing Phirki getting lavish treatment and some maids taking care of her. Phirki also gets dumbstruck seeing her and immediately asks the maids to leave. Chandrani sits there, while Phirki goes to bring something for her to drink.

Elsewhere, Phirki immediately calls Samaira and apprises her about Chandrani’s arrival. Samaira gets stunned and confronts Kuldeep. He acts to be unaware and says that he will ask Chandrani about it. He calls his mother, whereas Samaira ask him to keep the call on speaker. He questions Chandrani about being in Mumbai, to which she looks at Phirki and makes up a story that she doesn’t have any other place to go that is why she came to Mumbai.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Chandrani states that she can’t go to Shubhra’s place as Madhura doesn’t want to see her and she can’t even stay with Samaira, so without having any other choice she came to Mumbai to stay with Phirki. Kuldeep tells that Samaira is selling her house in Mumbai, to which she replies that she will shift to the house which Samaira will buy. Samaira takes the phone and utters that she won’t buy house in Mumbai as she is leaving for Dubai. Chandrani laughs and says that she will go along with them as it’s her childhood dream to visit Dubai. Meanwhile, Phirki gets tensed thinking what she will do if Samaira will shift to Dubai.

Ahead, Shubhra bids adieu to Vedika and Roli. She takes Rishi along with her and ask Madhura to stay with the kids. At that time Kuldeep calls her and notify about his conversation with Samaira and Chandrani. He shows his worry, to which she replies that she will do something. She cancels going to office and decides to execute a plan.

Samaira gets furious and determines to teach Chandrani a lesson. She decides to go to Mumbai to bring Chandrani back, while Kuldeep ask if she is hiding something? Samaira was about to leave, when Shubhra reaches there along with her kids and Vedika. Samaira freezes seeing Vedika while Rishi and Roli happily meets Kuldeep.

Further, Samaira ask Shubhra to leave but then stops them. Shubhra and Kuldeep have some family pictures along with their kids, while Vedika keeps staring at them. Shubhra ask Vedika to sit aside without disturbing Samaira. Shubhra says that only Vedika can evoke emotions inside Samaira and keeps an eye on them. Vedika looks at Samaira longingly, but latter doesn’t pay any attention.

Samaira ask Shubhra to leave fast, while she nods and looks at Kuldeep. They spend some quality family moment, while Vedika stares at Samaira. Vedika goes towards her mother and hugs her, whereas Samaira gets shocked but later hugs her back. Kuldeep smiles seeing them, whereas Samaira ask Vedika about her studies and life. Shubhra goes towards them and ask Vedika to come.

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