Apna Time Bhi Aayega 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Kajri goes to Vikram’s room but stops seeing Rajeshwari there. Vikram tells Rajeshwari that he knows that he can’t change his past but he can forgot it so he is ready for the marriage. She tells him that everything is happening for his happy life. Kajri gets shocks hearing their conversation and leaves from there. Rani thinks that everything going on according to her plan so soon Jai will reveal the truth. Jai feels dizzy. Rani feels bad seeing Nanthini and thinks that she will make everything fine. Rajmata tells Rani that they should start the ‘puja’. Rani tells her that they should wait for Jai and Veer.

Jai comes there. Nanthini asks him that how can he drink now. He apologizes to her. Nanthini asks him that why he is apologizing to her. He tells her that he lied to her and hurted her and if he doesn’t apologize to her then she may leave him which he don’t want it to happen. He says to her that he is blind that’s why he could not see her love and confesses that he loves her. She forgives him and the latter hugs her. He thanks God for giving such a naive wife to him in his mind. Champa shocks hearing him.

Rani wonders that Jai really changed or not. They performs ‘puja’. Jai murmurs to Rani that it’s not their first fight so he knows her every move. He asks her that how much score she will give him for his performance. He recalls that how he learnt that Rani send that juice to him. He tells her to think something else to expose him. Then he advices her to focus on her life.

After some time, Rani enters Nanthini’s room to tell Jai’s truth to her. Nanthini tells her that Jai still loves her. She apologizes to her for not telling the truth to her but she is happy that Jai apologized to her in front of her. Rani thinks that she can’t tell Jai’s truth to her without evidence. She tells her that she is happy for her and leaves from there.

Rani hears Veer’s voice. She realises that Veer drank the juice which she prepared for Jai. Veer tells his family that he wants justice. They asks him to come downstairs. He asks them that will they fulfill his demands. They nods at him. He tells them that he want to marry Rani again. He says to Rajeshwari that he knows that Vikram’s marriage discussion going on then what about his dream. He praises her and tells her that he loves her so much. Rajeshwari smiles hearing him. He asks Rani to say ” i love you ” to him in front of everyone. Rani goes upstairs and takes Veer to their room.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Later, Vikram sees Kajri leaving the house at midnight. She scolds him and leaves from there. He wonders that what wrong he did. Meanwhile, Veer tells Rani that his another demand is their honeymoon and sleeps.

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