Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with A neet hugging Jogi and tries to calm him. She tells him that she didn’t know that Mahi will not come on his shooting otherwise she wouldn’t have told him to wait for her. She feels very happy, as she is slowly winning over Jogi and removing all his love for Mahi. Jogi says that it’s his fault that he was waiting for Mahi and was thinking that she will come to support him for his first shooting.

Mahi drives fast to reach Jogi. She tells that lady that she couldn’t help her but she will find her a taxi. Meanwhile when Mahi is looking for a taxi for her, a biker pushes that lady and she falls on her tummy. She gets up and shouts at him. Mahi doubts that falling on her tummy still she is not having any pain. Then she looks at her tummy it was a fake belly. Mahi runs to catch her but she sat in a car and leaves. Mahi realises that it’s all Avneet’s plan to keep her away from going to Jogi’s shooting. She says whatever you do Avneet but you cannot keep her away from Jogi.

Biji tells to Rupa that she never dream in her life that Jogi will become such a big superstar. She says only Avneet could do this, Rupa tells her that she is praising Avneet today. Rupa fells proud of Jogi. Mahi runs her car faster to reach his shooting places. The lady says that she have to inform Avneet that her plan had flopped. Then she realised that she had dropped her phone, she tells the driver to drive fast but meantime their car broke down. Avneet tries to cheer Jogi. She tells him that when you love someone and they break their heart how does this feels. Jogi says that lets go to home.

Arjun comes and tells him that he cannot leave like this as everyone is waiting for him. Jogi says that he understands his situation. Arjun says that he cannot go like this as he have to shoot the music album because everyone wants to see the video with the song. He says that he can sing but don’t ask him to do the video album. Arjun explains him that everone who makes album have to do both. Arjun tells him that he had signed a contract. He threatens him that if he will not do shooting then being his producer he will sell all his property. Avneet ask him to stop and also tells him to think twice before saying. Arjun says that may be she have given him money for the video album but he has arranged everone. He ask Jogi that whatever deal they have done he should complete it. Then he ask Avneet to leave and wants to talk only with Jogi.

Arjun ask Jogi to think like he is a bachelor and also ask him to take few sips of alcohol, he will get confidence. Mahi says that she will reach on the shooting location and this time she will not let Avneet win. Police stops Mahi as she is driving very fast. She tells them that she have to reach somewhere very urgent still they ask her to show her licence. Avneet worries why Chanda is not replying her text.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Ahead Rupa and Biji comes and talks to Avneet. Biji tells Avneet that only Mahi could handle Jogi. He is little shy and he cannot shoot with the girls. Rupa ask Avneet is it important to shoot with these girls. Avneet tells them it’s very important for his video album. The director gets angry and ask to packup. Arjun and Jogi comes out from the room. Arjun tells to Jogi that this is a very famous director he can even spoil his career before starting. He tells him that only he can save himself from spoiling his career. He again offers him alcohol to drink. As he was going to take the alcohol, Mahi arrives at his shooting location and stops him from consuming the alcohol.

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