Kumkum Bhagya 7th October 2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with Prachi telling Ranbir that she is going with him to the Bangalore. He gets excited hearing it. He Asks her to pack her things and she says she has already done it. They both hug each other. 

Pragya comes to Dadi with Sushma and asks her what she is doing. Dadi says she is writing about the winning of Pragya. Dadi says that she has successfully stopped Tanu from taking Abhi home and has also stopped Abhi from drinking even if it is only for a day. Dadi says this is their winning. She then says that she is now setting everyone right. Sushna asks Dadi whether they ever worked in the chawl. Dadi says that Mitali usee to cook while Tanu and Aliya usee to bring water but then they stopped and she usee to bring water.

Pragya gets disappointed hearing her. Dadi says if she denied then they would have created a fuss. Tanu hears them and tells Aliya that she is with Pragya and says she is supporting her. She had mouths her to which Aliya asks her not to say this. She says if it was in her hands then she wouldn’t have stayed with them and she is staying only for Abhi. Tanu tells her that Pragya is making them work to teach them a lesson. She tells her whatever Dadi has said. Aliya says that she has a vicious plan. She says she has already started working on her plan and she is doing what she has come for. She says that Pragya hugs tender will go to her rival. She says that they should attack on the roots. They both smirk. 

Shaina tells them about her husband. Pallavi asks Rhea for house Keeper. Rhea steps on the oil and falls down on the floor. They rush to her. They make her sit. Rhea says it is hurting. Dadi says Prachi has cleaned the place. Pallavi says that Prachi knew Rgea to going upstairs. Rhea says may be she has done this deliberately so that she can fall and hurt herself. Dadi asks what she is saying. Rhea says that she always supports Prachi and she emotionally manipulates Pallavi. Shaina talks in between to which Dida asks her not to interfere. Pallavi calls Prachi. Rhea emotionally blackmails Pallavi and says that Prachi is living in the past and is doubting her. Dida supports Prachi. Rhea says that she was just pretending. Rhea asks her whether she trusts her. Dida looks at her with anger. Prachi come there and Pallavi claps for her. Pallavi says that her plan is successful as she didn’t wanted Ranbir to go with Rhea. 

Kumkum Bhagya 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Sushna asks Pragya what she is thinking. Dadi asks her to think calmly. Pragya shares her worries with them.  Pallavi tells Rhea to say whatever she has said. Pallavi tells Ranbir that Prachi didn’t wanted him to go with Rhea and that why she didn’t clean the floor neatly. Prachi says she is thinking wrong. Pallavi says that she is doubting Rhea. Prachi says that she trusts her. Pallavi says that she can’t leave her husband alone. Ranbir says she is thinking wrong and tells her that its Prachi who has told him that Rhea has changed. Pallavi says she wants to be in good books. Dida asks what she is talking. Pallavi shouts at Prachi and accuses her. Shaina says that she is wrong in scheming against Rhea and says she usee to do the same in the college.

Prachi asks her to shut up and says she is not her friend here. Prachi says whatever happened was in past and she realised that she has changed. Shaina says that she is insecure and that why she booked ticket. Prachi tells her that she is crossing her limits. Pallavi says whatever she is saying is right. She says that she agrees to send him with her but booked ticket for herself as well. Dida says it’s her who told her. Pallavi says she just says and she is manipulating her. Dida says it is Rhea who is manipulating the house. The Screen Freezes On Rhea.

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