Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Kajol thinks sometimes Anurag is rude and sometimes he is normal it is so difficult to understand him. Arjun told Naina his father is convinced but his mother is ready to agree. Arjun told it would be nice if our mothers talk with each other. Naina tells her plan to Arjun. Naina tells I love you to Arjun and he tells her not to tell Kajol about the meeting. Naina tells she is not stupid to inform Kajol. Anurag asks his aunt what is going on her serial?

Anurag’s aunt tells him the hero is about to go on a date with the heroine but don’t know how the heroine will react as they always fight. Thakur Maa tells Kajol that Anu is not filling her form. Kajol tells her to fill the form money will be arranged if Bishu was here he would have never let her not fill the form. Kajol tells Thakur Maa to keep an eye on Naina. Thakur Maa tells her to concentrate on office she will talk with Chandana. Arjun tells his mother everything is working according to plan and tells her to go to temple.

Arjun tells when Chandana comes act like you didn’t know anything about it. Anandita tells will you make me act in this age? Arjun tells her to play along this is needed for taking revenge. Arjun tells let them beg a bit for the relation as they have already insulted us so much. Naina tells Anu there is no use filling the form as Kajol won’t be able to arrange the money. Apu brings money for the form and tells Kajol gave it to her. Arjun texts Naina to meet in temple. Arjun tells his family not to inform Shreya and Ayan anything about this marriage yet.

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Anurag cancels all his meetings and waits for Kajol. Chandana meets Anandita in the temple and apologizes to her for Kajol’s behavior. Anandita tells will your daughter ask for forgiveness? Chandana tells her to come on Bishu’s shraadh,everyone will be there and Kajol will apologise to you infront of everyone. Anandita tells what about my son whose heart broke? Anurag tells his mother today he is going to her NGO with a new teacher and he thinks they cannot find a better teacher.

Anurag’s aunt and his father thinks where is he going dressed well and after applying perfume. Chandana tells Anandita to accept Naina as her daughter-in-law and end the fight between two families. Anu tells Kajol is not picking up the call since morning she wanted to thank her for giving the money for form. Chandana tells Kajol will have to accept her decision. Anandita tells she cannot take such decision alone so she will talk with rest of the family. The episode ends with Chandana thinking Kajol will have to apologize to Arjun in front of everyone.

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