Meet 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Meet enters to house by kicking the rice vessel than she leaves her foot prints on white cloth for house happiness then she mistakenly steps on Meet feet and he about to fell down but Meet holds him on time. Guests makes fun of that moment. Meet moves from Meet and he steps on Meet saree than its reveals Meet is wearing jeans under her saree.

Friends of Babita mocks her saying your daughter in law fashion sense is new and where you made this exclusive dress. Ragini and Sunaina sets Meet saree. Babita closes her eyes. Friends says your words are true that while world will see your daughter in law and where you find this diamond. Meet asks his Chachi how much time it takes to finish the rituals. Ragini says she have to take Kalash to mandir than pooja thas it and she asks Sunaina to get the Kalash Babita made it for her Bahu.

Masoom stops Sunaina saying that small kalash is for Mom’s choice of bride and Meet handled Meet weight so she can handle big and she asks servant to get Big kalash. Raj says let’s follow the arrangements of your Mom. Babita supports Masoom. workers bring the Kalash. Sunaina says it’s heavy Masoom and how can Meet manage it. Masoom says she used to hande her home so it’s easy for her. Raj says it’s risky to hold that kalash. Babita asks them to stop the ritual. Meet agrees to take the Kalash to mandir. Workers places heavy kalash on her head and she finishes the ritual successfully by taking Kalash to Mandir. Raj smiles. Duggu says their ustad Bhabhi is strong. Friends says Duggu is right Babita got ustad as her Bahu.

Meet places Kalash at mandir. Friends of Babita leaves saying they will come for Muhdikhayi. Babita feels insulted. Sunaina asks Meet to place her Mehendi hand imprints in board and than thry notices Manushi name, Ragini strikes Manushi name and writes Meet name. Meet places her hand prints than Ragini asks them to pray to God for their upcoming future. Meet leaves from that place by throwing his Varmala. Ragini says don’t misunderstand him as he is good at heart and he was hurt with current situations so give him sometime and everything will be fine. Meet says she knows than Ragini says it’s their custom that Bride have to spend her first night at mandir and don’t worry we wre with you and tomorrow you can go to your room after pooja. Sunaina arranges things for her than she tells to Ragini that Babita is denying to break the past. Meet says she can manage and asks them to go to manage Babita.

Meet 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Manushi and Kunal reaches to hotel. Manushi thinks marrying Kunal is best decision of her life and she asks Kunal if his bedroom is bigger than their current name. Kunal says yes and your room might be lavish than this one right. Manushi agrees than Kunal goes to change his dress. Manushi thinks someone might get the letter and it’s tough time for both Meet’s, I’m sorry guys. Meet prays for god to support Meet Ahlawat in his tough times and she thinks her sister did mistake. Meet Ahlawat ruins the decorations he arranged for Manushi and he breaksdown in his room. Meet cries at Mandir.

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