Meet 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Babita asks Meet to leave from their place. Guests laugh seeing Meet. Raj tells to Babitha that their son married to this girl. Babita leaves the welcoming thali in a shock and asks her husband if they are teasing her? And she asks Raj where is their Manushi. Raj says I’m trying to tell you the same, our Meet gets married to younger sister of Manushi so let them welcome with Aarti, later I will explain everything to you. Babita says why will I welcome her when I choosed Manushi as my daughter in law and she questions her son why he agreed to marry this girl.

Ragini says stay calm sister and welcome them. Babita asks Ragini why she let them get married and she questions Ram why he didn’t stopped the marriage and why you didn’t informed me about this marriage? If I’m at that place than I may never allow this marriage to happen and you guys spoiled my son’s life and I will never accept her as my bahu so perform the welcoming rituals by yourself as I won’t do them and remove these decorations and send everyone from here. Meet thinks Babita is not at mistake as it’s mistake of her sister.

Raivardan takes Babita to room and tells to her whatever happened at the Venue and you want our son to marry the person whose horoscope matches with our son and Meet is the one whose horoscope is matching with him as they are getting full points so trust me as Meet is good girl.

Babitha says I may reject Manushi too if I find Meet is Manushi’s sister and this girl is Badtameez and Awara and how can you choose this girl to our Meet. Raj says trust me and you can’t judge her seeing her outer appearance and she is talented. Babita says I know about her talents and why you didn’t inform me about this matter? And why you cheated me? I never expected this from you. Raj says I’m at mistake but don’t make Meet wait so let’s welcome her. Babitha says it’s your choice and I won’t welcome her. Raj says you’re denying the words of Guruji as this marriage happened because of him as he told that Meet is perfect for our family and Meet and if you deny to accept this marriage that means you’re against Guruji. Babita looks on.

Meet 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Masoom says I know Mom will never accept this marriage that’s why I tried ti make Dad understand but he didn’t listen and don’t know how much time you have to wait. Raj says Masoom. She turns and sees her Dad bring their Mom. Ragini asks Babitha to do the Aarti. Babita asks Ragini to do the Aarti and she senses her son is not happy with the Marriage. Ragini performs their welcoming Aarti than she asks Babita to perform Nazar uttarna ritual and asks her to bless the couple. Babita says she can’t bless them as her heart is filled with pain and anger. Meet says she needs her blessings to enter inside the house. Babita says I will be happy if you won’t enter to my place. Meet Ahlawat about to go inside but Ragini stops him saying he can’t move until the rituals are done. Meet asks his Mom to do it quickly. Babita performs the ritual than she asks Ragini to throw the matka far from house and she indirectly indicates Meet. Couple takes her blessings. Babita asks Ragini to complete the rasam. Ragini asks Meet to enter inside the house by kicking rice pot. Meet enters to the house by finishing ritual.

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