Kumkum Bhagya 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Rhea telling Shaina that Dida has warned her to stop whatever she us doing or else she will tell about her to the family. Shaina says she has only a doubt and what can she do. Rhea says she can do a lot more and says that she was planning to go to bangalore with him to spend time with him but Dida is sending Prachi with them. Rhea tells about her planning to her but Dida has convinced Prathi to go with them. Shaina asks her whether Prathi knows about her feelings for Ranbir. Rhea says she doesn’t. Shaina asks het to push het from the stairs because of which her legs will break and she won’t be able to come with her.

Rhea appreciates her. Rhea says that she doesn’t understand why she never thought about this. Shaina tells her about the plan where she will go to her room and meanwhile she will pour oil on the stairs. Because of which Prathi will fall down from the stairs. Rhea asks her to bring Prachi out and she will go on with the plan. Rhea says she is happy to meet het after a long time. 

Abhi appreciate Mitali and her food. Pragya smiles to herself. Abhi tells her that she will cook for hin everyday from now on. Mitali coughs. He criticises Shaguns food. Pragya tells her that Abbhi has requested hence she will cook from now on and Pammi will help her. Pragya asks Pammi to help clean the house. Aliya asks her whether she is not ashamed to say this. Pragya asks her whether she was not ashamed to make old one work. Progya asks her what is wrong in working for house. Aliya asks het then why didn’t she work. Pragya saya that she works at the office.

She says everyone is working and she is not letting anyone work. Tanu says she is wrong and she wants to control them. She says that she is humiliating them in front of maids. She says she has money now and she is not chawl Tanu anymore. Pragya asks her to hire a maid. Mitali agrees with her. Pragya tells her that huge maids ask for huge money. Sushma says she won’t be scared as she has money. Pragya says her money is more like Elephant teeth. Abhi leaves from there asking them to fight with each other. Pragya says she won’t listen to anyone. 

Ranbir comes to Prachi and says he is leaving now. She gives him files and asking him to give to Siddharth. He comes to know that he will leave to Mumbai soon. 

Kumkum Bhagya 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Aliya tells Tanu that they would hire a maid to which Tanu says that they should work because the maids will ask for more money. 

Shaina asks Sony to take her to Prachi and she leaves from there giving a thumbs up to Rhea. Rhea pours oil on the stairs. Ranbir tells Prachi that he should talk with Siddharth. Shaina comes to them and they hug her. Shaina apologises to her. Ranbir tells them that he has a work and asks them to continue. Shaina takes her downstairs. 

Pallavi asks Dida as to why she us doing this. Dida says what is wrong and if she wahts she can stop her. Pallavi tells her that she doesn’t care if Prachi stays or leaves. She asks why did she suddenly get this idea. Rhea sees them and gets scared thinking what if they see. Pallavi sees her and calls her. Pallavi asks her what she is hearing. She says that her friend came and she didn’t tell her. Rhea tells her that she won’t judge and she her good friend. Prachi comes and before she can step there she sees oil there. She asks Shaina to stop. Prachi says she will clean. Pallavi shouts at Sony. Prachi cleans the floor. Rhea says that she shouldn’t come with them. 

Tanu and the family cleans the house. Sushma says she is likung the peace in the house. Tanu and Mitali get into an argument. Tanu says one doesn’t become servant by working at their house. Tanu tells Aliya to remember why they are here ahd do something. 

Prachi brings tea for Ranbir and tells him about the oil thing. Ranbir works. She says she is leaving but he doesn’t hold her like before. Prachi says he is concentrating on work. She tells hin that she is going Bangalore with him. The Screen Freezes On Ranbir. 

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