Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Shubhra asking Anant about Samaira. She questions that if Samaira is fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother or not? To which Anant replies that she comes to visit Vedika and brings gifts for her too but she will never change. He states that she doesn’t value any relationship and won’t ever love Vedika wholeheartedly. Shubhra says that she is happy hearing about Samaira’s efforts. Anant sits beside her and ask that why is she curious to know about Samaira? To which she replies that she just want a normal life for Vedika.

Here, Vedika and Rishi comes towards them. Roli video calls Vedika and gets angry on Shubhra for not bringing her to meet Vedika. Shubhra apologises to her and says that she will bring Vedika to their home. Roli gets happy and bids adieu to them. Anant smiles seeing their bond, while Shubhra ask permission from him to take Vedika to her house. He instantly gives her permission.

Samaira and Harsh drinks alcohol sitting together. Kuldeep comes there and gets shocked seeing them. He questions that what Harsh is doing with Samaira and ask him to leave. Samaira smirks saying that Kuldeep gets jealous of Harsh and declares that he have no right to throw Harsh out of her house. She ask if they can fight with eachother to get Shubhra? To which Kuldeep ask her to stop her nonsense.

Elsewhere, Harsh states that he can do anything to get Shubhra’s love. Kuldeep gets furious, while Samaira laughs and says that she have recorded Kuldeep’s anger in a video. Harsh says that he have cancelled all his appointment to be with Samaira. He tells that he knows Kuldeep only because of Shubhra. Harsh also taunts Kuldeep and ask him to pack his luggage to go to Dubai.

Kuldeep visits Shubhra and notify her about Harsh and Samaira’s meeting. She gets shocked and becomes worried saying that Harsh knows everything about their family and can be dangerous to them. Kuldeep blames himself for all the problems, while Shubhra consoles him.

Ahead, Shubhra says that they have to unite Samaira with Anant and Vedika. Whereas, Kuldeep diagrees with her stating that Samaira doesn’t value any relationship. He says that she doesn’t deserve Vedika, while Shubhra makes her understand that there must be some feelings inside Samaira regarding Vedika. She ask him to talk to Samaira regarding Vedika and Anant, so that they can analyse her reaction.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Kuldeep sits beside Samaira and appreciates her plan. He says that she wins and questions that from how long she was planning to shift to Dubai? She smirks and ask him to be with her. He also ask that why she doesn’t leave Anant and Vedika, just like she wants him to leave his family? To which she gets suspicious on him and questions that why suddenly he was asking her such questions. He tries to provoke her asking about Vedika, to which she tries to go away from there. He stops her and ask her to answer.

Further, Samaira provokes Kuldeep back and says that there is a difference in between Harsh and him. She says that she have done so much to get him back and declares that he was also involved in each of her sin. She laughs proclaiming that he have to be with her no matter what, while he goes inside being frustrated.

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