Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Jogi asking Avneet the sound, she says that she was watching a video. She then changes the topic and compliments him that he looks like a rockstar. Jogi says that coustumes are all good but he feels like something missing. Avneet taunts him taht he is missing Mahi. He says that he is not confirm, she tells him not to worry she will surely come. Jogi tells her that he has this much belive on Mahi, Avneet gets angry and says that she doesn’t belive her but know she has started knowing her. Avneet ask him to focus.

Mahi drives her car, trying to reach shooting place on time. She says that from the time Renu and Seema had left she doesn’t feel good. She says may be for the first time she is so far from them that’s why she must be having these feelings. A pregnant lady ask lift from her, she tells her that she have to reach somewhere so she cannot give her life, she tries to find a taxi for her but couldn’t see any. The lady sits in her car.

Jogi shooting has started. He is performing infront of everyone but looks at the door for Mahi. He then starts feeling nervous as the girls during the shoot touches him. The director ask him to do lipsing, again he feels nervous when girls touches him. The director gets angry on him.

When Mahi tells the lady she will drop her to the hospital in five minutes. She gets worried and tells Mahi to drop her to the City hospital. Mahi checks the hospital way is in opposite direction of the shooting place. Mahi worries how she will reach there in time. The lady ask for water, Mahi buys and gives her. Still she finds the hospital is very far from there.

Jogi is unable to perform, the director gets angry and shouts, telling that Jogi cannot do from where do you bring these types of people. Everyone started laughing on Jogi, he remembers Mahi words when she was telling him that he cannot do as it’s not his taste. Avneet also worries. Jogi goes back to his changing room.

Jogi remembers Mahi words and everyone laughing at him. The director calls him Jagrata Jogi, he feels very depressed. Avneet tries to comfort him but he tells her that he is missing Mahi badly he cannot do anything without her. He tells her that may be he is trying to do shooting but his heart and feeling everything is with Mahi. Avneet feels sad and hugs him. She says that now he got addicted to her but with time she will handle him.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Avneet calms him down and tells him taht she is calling Mahi here. She calls Mahi, she says that she is dropping a pregnant women to hospital and then coming to Jogi shoot as soon as possible. But Avneet pretends infront of Jogi that she is trying to convince Mahi to attend Jogi shooting. Mahi ask him to stop playing nonsense infront of Jogi. Jogi stops Avneet and ask her stop begging her to come here. Avneet tells him that he needs Mahi. Mahi then calls on his number. Jogi throws his phone and says that he doesn’t need Mahi.

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