Rishton Ka Manjha 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Diya’s father tells Diya that whatever he did is for her to get a good life only and cries while hugging her. Bablu comes there and tells his father that uncle is calling him downstairs so Diya’s father leaves the place. Bablu asks Diya won’t Ajit allow her to meet him and the family. Diya hugs Bablu and cries saying no one is brave enough to stop her from meeting him and tells Bablu that he can come to meet her in her new house. Tina gets ready for her marriage. Niharika goes to meet Tina and praises her beauty. She also tells that Arjun is going to be mesmerised by her beauty.

Tina sends the make up artists outside and asks Niharika that still Arjun is in the house only right. Niharika tells Tina that as per challenge Arjun should have left the venue now but he is not. Tina asks Niharika to keep an eye on Arjun’s every move. The latter promises to do the same. Tina then asks Niharika where is Arjun to which Nikharika tells that he is getting ready with his brother’s. Arjun asks his brother to stop it saying that the dress which he wearing is going to make him uncomfortable only so they don’t need to try to put it in its place. Both of his brother’s jokes what else Arjun has to go through during this marriage.

Khush asks Luv to smile and joke around more often but Arjun tells him that he is working with Amitabh so it’s not possible to smile often. Madhuri comes there and asks what they are talking about. Khush tells Madhuri that they are talking how handsome Arjun is looking. Madhuri tells that his son looks always handsome. She then tells Arjun that she can’t believe he is getting married in a few hours. She also tells Arjun that his marriage ritual is about to start. Arjun thinks himself that Diya’s marriage ritual has to start before him and they have to be in the competition before seven thirty and he needs to leave the place at any cost.

Rishton Ka Manjha 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Shobha and her friends helps Diya gets ready for the marriage. They all tells Ajit is going to become speechless seeing Diya’s beauty. Then they hear the sound of groom family is arriving so they all leave the place. Diya thinks even Ajit’s family is here then how its possible for Arjun to take her to the competition. Madhuri asks Arjun what is he thinking. She then tells Arjun that he is going to get new responsibilities and he needs to fulfill all that also be a good loving husband to Tina. She also tells marriage is not only unite two individuals but also unites two families so he had to be more careful. She also talks about the importance of marriage rituals and asks Arjun to not to break anything. Arjun promises Madhuri saying that he wont break any of the ritual without any valid reasons. Madhuri asks Arjun to come downstairs saying everyone is waiting for him. Arjun tells Madhuri that he will be there and asks her to go first. Madhuri leaves the place.

Arjun thinks to himself that he don’t have much time and he needs to leave the house at any cost right now so that he can able to take Diya to the competition on time. He wonders how he is going to go through all the securities when they all are especially instructed to stop him from leaving the house. Shobha goes to Diya and tells her that she is upset with Ajit’s friends who is talking ill about her in the name of joking. Diya asks Shobha to ignore it and asks her is Arjun reached the venue or not and she dont want anyone to see him or else there will be huge drama take place. Shobha asks Diya to stop dreaming saying Arjun won’t leave his marriage to take her to the competition so asks her to get ready for her marriage and leaves the place. Diya looks on.

Arjun thinks to change his clothes first so he goes to his room. Niharika follows Arjun but when she sees him locking the door inside she wonders that Arjun must be talking to Diya over the phone so she decides to overhear it. Luv comes there and asks Niharika what she is doing outside Arjun’s room to which Niharika tells that Tina asked her to keep an eye on Arjun so she is here. Luv praises her and asks her to keep an eye and leaves the place. Arjun changes his clothes and decides to cover his face thinks that everyone will get to know its him so he decides to leave the house through the corridor and opens the door but gets shocked seeing Niharika outside his room. Niharika sees Arjun and gets to know that Arjun is planning to leave the house so after Arjun closes the door she locks it outside and goes to inform Tina.

Arjun thinks that before Niharika tella others he has to leave and tries to open the door but gets shocked seeing its locked from outside so he decides to leave his room through the window and jumps from his room. Amitabh tells Tina that he is busy with the marriage work so he can’t able to meet her before and tells her that she is their daughter not daughter in law. Madhuri praises Tina and tells her that she is the one for Arjun. She also thanks Tina for loving and accepting Arjun. Niharika comes there and tells them that Arjun is planning to leave so she locked him inside the room. Everyone gets worried. Tina asks Anitabh to alert the security and goes with Madhuri and Niharika to Arjun’s room. They gets shocked seeing Arjun is not there. Niharika apologises to Niharika for can’t able to fulfill her promise. Madhuri thinks that because of Diya that Arjun broke the promise he gave her and gets angry. In Diya’s house the marriage ritual starts. Priest asks to bring the bride. Meera takes the mobile from Diya saying now she has to do the ritual she will give her the mobile once her marriage is over. Diya goes and starts the marriage ritual.

Precap: Arjun comes to the marriage venue and sees Diya starts the marriage ritual. He asks Diya to not to do this marriage. Everyone gets shocked. Diya looks at Arjun.

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