Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 6th-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode starts with Happu brushing his teeth in police station when Kamlesh walks in and says he thought he is in Nainital. Happu says he got some official work, so he sent family to Nainital. Kamlesh says he is in a big problem, a man stole his father’s money at gunpoint.

Happu says he should be ashamed not to protect his father. Kamlesh says he wasn’t there, his papa asked him to file a complaint and get a thief arrested. Happu asks why his father was showing off his money. Kamlesh says his father had gone to ATM and thief snatched money once he was out of ATM. Happu says he will file complaint, but will not arrest thief as jail is full. Kamlesh insists. Happu scolds him and orders him to run away.

Kamlesh asks why he is brushing his teeth in police station, if he is staying here. Happu says when his family is in Manali, what will he do at home alone. Kamlesh says he will make arrangements for his entertainment. Happu shoos him away.

Rajesh with Amma buys vegetable from vendor and asks price of bhindi. He says 40 rs per 0.25 kg. Rajesh asks what Happu would have paid. Vendor says he takes vegetables for free. She asks to take money from Happu then. She tempts Amma with her favorite dishes and gol gappa. Ammi gets tempted. Thief sees them and says he enjoyed last night’s dinner with them and asks if he can come even today.

Rajesh says no. He acts crying and says Amma reminds him of his mother who is not with him. Amma invites him for dinner and asks when did his mother pass away. He says his mother went to uncle’s house, threatens vendor not to take money from his mother and tells Rajesh to prepare paneer sabji tonight.

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Kamlesh misses Kat in college and calls. Kat alerts her siblings and picks call. Kamlesh says he is missing her and time is not passing on without her. She says she will be back with him in a week. He asks how is Nainital. She asks what Nainital. Ranbir, Chamchi, and Hrithik act as enjoying snow fall, horse riding, and sight seeing.

Kamlesh gets convinced with their acting and says even he wants to horse ride with Kat, asks what gift will she bring for him from Nainital. She says she will fill Nainital air in a bottle and bring it for him. He says thank you so much for the air. Hrithik says he is a fool. Kat says she is enjoying sightseeing and will ask papa to take Kamlesh also along for their next time. Kamlesh gets happy.

Amma and Rajesh see Reshampal with his wife Meena in market and hide their faces. Meena scolds him for canceling trip. He says he had some important work. She says she will teach him a lesson once he is home. He says he is going to police station. She says he must be having an affair again. He denies. She warns him to come home and see what she will do. At police station, Manohar cleans vegetables and serves files to Beni. Happu gets angry and argues with Beni.

Amma and Rajesh rush in short of breath and inform that commissioner is coming. Happu asks them to hide all their stuff. Manohar stops Reshampal outside and starts his endless conversation. Commissioner restlessly tries to enter police station, but Manohar continues. Commissioner pushes him aside and enters police station to see Happu’s family in jail. Happu says his amma was doing black magic, Rajesh stealing money,

Kat stealing makeup kit, other children gambling, and Beni making country liquor, so he arrested them and put them behind bars. Reshampal says he is doing wrong. Amma and others boast about their talents.

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