Kundali Bhagya 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Kritika tells Prithvi that he is spoiling her with his care. He tells her that he was planning to surprise her on her birthday. She asks him to think a lot to decide her gift and sleeps. Sherlyn messages Prithvi to meet her tomorrow. Next day, Sameer tells himself that he will take action today. He informs Rishabh that today he will confess his feelings to Srishti. Rishabh is about to leave the room but Sameer stops him saying that he will be confident if Rishabh stand beside him then. Rishabh tells him that it’s between him and Srishti.

Sameer tells him that he will video call Srishti and asks him to hide. Meanwhile, Sarla asks Srishti to give money saying that she need to go for market. Srishti asks her to bring potatoes. Sarla leaves the house. Srishti picks Sameer’s video call. He tells her that how he helped her when he got to know that she is in trouble. She tells him that even Preeta came and she thanked everyone already. He tells her that he brought everyone to her house. She tells him that he planned to leave alone but Karan and Rishabh learnt about her problem so they came to help her so he can’t take the whole credit. He pleads her to listen him once.

Rishabh tells Srishti that she is not letting Sameer confess when he is trying to tell ” i love you ” to her. They gets shocks seeing Sarla beside Srishti and greets her. Srishti also notices Sarla. Sameer lies that Rishabh wanted to talk to Sarla. Rishabh tells Sarla that he loves her so much so wanted to convey it to her. Srishti disconnects the call saying that there is no network. Sarla asks Srishti that why Rishabh will say ” i love you ” to her when it’s Karan who does these kind of crazy things. She asks her to call Rishabh because she also want to tell him that she loves him too. Srishti tells her that there is no network.

On the other hand, Sherlyn meets Prithvi and they discuss about their promise. He tells her that, that promise has no meaning so they are still together. She tells him that Rishabh behaved very well with her. He tells her that it proves that Rishabh is not interested in Preeta. She beats him and tells him that Rishabh forgot Preeta long back. They confesses their love for each other and hugs. Preeta witnesses that and records everything and leaves from there.

Rishabh thinks that he should not have brought Kritika for shopping. Preeta calls Kritika and tells her to inform Rishabh that she want to talk to him about something important. Kritika informs Preeta’s message to Rishabh. Sherlyn overhears Preeta’s conversation with Kritika. Preeta notices Sherlyn and Prithvi and yells at them and leaves from there. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Preeta going to expose them so they need to do something.

Kundali Bhagya 5th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Later, Rishabh asks Preeta that what’s the matter. Preeta reveals about Sherlyn and Prithvi’s extra marital affair and tells him that she saw them together. He gets angry and asks Sherlyn about her extra marital affair. Sherlyn asks him that how can he think about her like this. Preeta tells her that she saw her with Prithvi. Sherlyn asks her that why the latter lying. Prithvi tells Preeta that he didn’t expect this from her. She tells them that she knows that they will behave like this that’s why she recorded everything.

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