Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Kajol telling Bishu to show her a way to save Naina from Arjun. Naina told Arjun that her mother apologized to his father and invited him for Shraadh. Arjun tells Naina to keep her way clear and he will convince his parents. Arjun tells he won’t let his old relation come in between them. Kajol decides she will talk with Chandana and she won’t let Naina jump into fire. Anurag gets hurt and thinks he should get hurt even more fot insulting Kajol like this. Anurag thinks how will he apologize to Kajol and how will he meet her.

Anurag’s friend brings his favorite chinese food for him. Anurag tells he doesn’t eat after 7. Priyanka tells Anurag there is definitely something and advices him to meet the person and sort his problem. Anurag thinks he will meet Kajol and sort everything. Priyanka tells Anurag to give her company in eating.

Arjun tells we all will go to Kajol’s house. Kaushik tells it seems you have not forgotten Kajol. Arjun tells he wants to marry Naina. Anurag tells himself to stop being rude and put some effort into calling her. Anurag calls Kajol and tells he heard she had more contacts in hospital so why did she ask help from him? Kajol thinks Anurag is very angry because she got the contract. Arjun tells he wants to take revenge from Kajol.

Arjun tells we will go there and Chandana will beg and request us to marry Naina. Arjun tells his family this would be the best revenge. Anurag thinks this confusion will make them talk again. Chandrika asks Anu why she didn’t fill up the form? Anu tells she doesn’t want to increase Kajol’s tension. Thakur Maa overhears them and tells Kajol will be hurt if she finds out you did not fill the form because of money. Thakur Maa tells she will talk with Kajol and asks Anu to fill the form.

Anurag thinks why is Kajol not calling him and waits impatiently for her call. Kajol thinks Anurag would get angry if she calls him. Kajol comes to his office and thinks when she has came this far she should talk with him. Kajol enters the office and starts clarifying. Anurag stares at Kajol in awe and recalls all his moments with her. Kajol tells she wanted to clarify that Singhal called her first and she did not call him.

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Anurag asks Kajol if she would teach music to his kids? Kajol asks does he have kids? Anurag tells he is not even married. Kajol tells she learns music she has never teached before. Anurag tells her she was his mother’s favorite student so there might be something special about her and tells her to give it a try. The episode ends with Anurag telling Kajol he will pick her up and she can decide after reaching there.

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