Barrister Babu 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Anirudh telling Bonditta to close her eyes and take deep breath. Bonditta tells she is so worried and he is asking her to do Yoga? Anirudh tells if your mind is calm you will be able to come up with good idea. Trilochan tells the doctor he lied about Binoy being ill to make him meet Aniruddh. Trilochan tells doctor has told Binoy needs to stay here for some more time and Aniruddh should spend time with him. Aniruddh tells Bonditta to take part in the Puja. Trilochan thinks now his plan will be easy. Bonditta thinks now she will be able to fulfil Aniruddh’s plan successfully.

Bonditta sits down to do Puja. Tupur thinks now Bonditta will remain busy so she can go outside. Bonditta recalls her and Aniruddh’s plan of fooling Tupur. Anirudh tells Bonditta to do something that she normally wouldn’t so she agrees to doing the Puja. Aniruddh tells Bonditta to find out what is Tupur doing. Bonditta places a fake matki in her place like she used to in childhood.

Tupur checks if someone is following and starts reading mantras. Aghori Baba comes out and Tupur tells him not to worry today Bonditta will do Puja till sunrise so they can talk freely. Bonditta watches this from hiding and thinks who is this Aghori. A snake comes near Bonditta and she gets scared but she overcomes her fear thinking about Anirudh.

Bonditta throws the snake towards Tupur and Aghori Baba. Tupur gets scared and shouts be careful Chandrachur Babu. Bonditta realizes Chandrachur is alive. Tupur tells she saw everywhere and no one is here. Chandrachur asks what news do you have about Bonditta? Tupur tells Chandrachur to leave Tulsipur or you will loose your life in your affinity for Bonditta. Chandrachur tells he is able to hide only because of Tupur and he will stay with her forever.

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Bonditta thinks she will have to catch Chandrachur after Tupur leaves. Bonditta throws ropes and Chandrachur falls down from her trap. Bonditta picks up Maa Kali’s trishool and walks towards Chandrachur. Chandrachur gets shocked on watching Bonditta. Bonditta tells him to watch her and she is ashamed to call her brother-in-law today. Bonditta tells what did you think you will get Anirudh hanged by fooling us? She says she won’t let that happen and she will get Chandrachur punished for all his crimes.

Bonditta tells Chandrachur his first crime was to put bad eyes on her,his second crime was with Tapur and his last crime was with humanity by faking his own death. Chandrachur tells she won’t be able to prove anything as he will escape. Bonditta tells him he is wrong to think women are weak. Bonditta tells today she has come as Maa Kaali today to punish his crimes. The episode ends with Bonditta she wil get him punished for all the crimes and save Anirudh.

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