Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode Bhim Rao took of his coat, Joshi rubbed it on the floor with his foot. Bhim Rao silently watched him. Bhim Rao went to his work.

At night, everyone celebrated Pushpa’s birthday by dancing and singing. Daliya amma and Rama watched from their balcony. Jijabai was happy as she prepared meal for everyone. She asked Lakshmi to be happy, Bhim Roa and Rama exited the house. Jijabai stopped everyone for the meal. Bhim Rao came, went to his home.

Hitesh was glad to see Bhim Rao return from his duty whilst his wife waits for him. it was for the first time that Bhim Rao looked like a man. Ramji and Puranjan came home, they were asked to join the celebration. Ramji fell to ground. Bhim Rao wanted to call a doctor, Ramji stopped him on the basis of cutting all ties with him. Jijabai asked Bhim Rao to leave. Anand went to get a doctor. Rama took Bhim Rao inside.

Joshi informed his uncle about crushing Bhim Rao’s coat against the ground. Bhim Rao deserved it, Joshi was happy about Bhim Rao’s defeat. Uncle saw Bhim Rao at the fishpond, wanted him to realize the realty of his lower caste. Joshi wanted to destroy Bhim Rao and Ramji, seeks their death.

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The doctor after observing said that Ramji needed to rest, he should be kept happy and stress free. He wrote some medicine. The doctor left.

Bhim Rao went after the doctor, investigated about Ramji’ health. The doctor replied that Ramji’s health has been failing for some time now, he must be taken care of. Bhim Rao recalled Bhimbai’s last moments and failing health. Bhim Rao had a trauma, said that Bhimabai had the same problem which took her life. Bhim Rao wanted to take care of his father. Rama consoled her, they had the right being Ramji’s son and daughter in-law. Rama assured Bhim Rao, took him inside.

Ramji asked everyone to sleep. Anand asked him to rest. Ramji said to sleep after waking Bhim Rao for college. Puranjan asked Ramji to sleep, they took him to his bed.

In the morning, Bhim Rao was massaging Ramji’s legs. Ramji inquired. Rama served him tea. Jijabai came, asked Bhim Rao to leave as his presence worsens Ramji’s health. Bhim Rao needed to talk to Ramji first. Bhim Rao said that he was thinking alternatively to Ramji, but he didn’t want his father to be upset about it.

Neither did he leave his education nor will he ever. He wanted Ramji to trust him and take care of him. Ramji looked at Bhim Rao and Rama, praised Rama for her tea. Asked them to leave and never return to this house again. He asked Rama not to bring tea again. Ramji was disappointed at Bhim Rao’s behavior, asked them to leave. Bhim Rao and Rama left. Jijabai decided to distance Bhim Rao from his father.

Daliya amma had prepared milk for Bhim Rao and Rama. Bhim Rao silently sat down. Dailya amma assured Bhim Rao that things would get better. Bhim Rao told her that Ramji had forbid them from entering his house again. He wasn’t happy by parting ways with his father. Dailya amma asked him to apologize to his father, accept all of his demands and return to education, Rama may continue with her shoe shop. Things would get back to normal. Rama agreed. Jijabai asked if Bhim Rao would lie to his father, wont focus on his education but rather collect money.

Dailya amma questioned for distancing father and son from each other. Jijabai came to take Anand’s shirt, Bhim Rao might have packed it in his luggage. Jijabai asked Bhim Rao what he got from all his education because the job he got was same as Rama’s. Rama replied that Bhim Rao was offered a good job but Joshi disrupted. Jijabai was on the same note, that people like Joshi would never back out. Bhim Rao should earn and live a better life.

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