Choti Sardarni 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Seher informs Rajveer that Rimple took Gayatri to meet Didiji. He asks her to do something because Didiji should not know about their secret. Gayatri greets Didiji. Seher comes there with tea. Didiji notices that Seher’s hand trembling and asks her that what happened to her. Seher shook her head. Gayatri tells Didiji that today only she saw Seher’s report and everything is fine. Didiji asks Seher to sit. Then she tells Gayatri that today morning she could not meet her and asks her about their discussion.

Gayatri tells her that she learnt that Seher going to give her baby to someone else. Didiji tells her that she will get Seher’s baby so she wants to know everything. Rimple asks Gayatri that what else Rajveer told her. Gayatri tells her that they talked about procedure. She tells Didiji that it’s first pregnancy for Seher so she asked about delivery that’s it. Rajveer comes there and gets relieved hearing her. Rimple thinks that Gayatri hiding something for sure.

On the other hand, Karan and Param asks Badi B to tell the truth. She tells them that Seher asked her to hide this from them but they deserves to know the truth. She reveals that Didiji wants Rajveer and Seher’s first baby and Seher also agreed to give her baby to Didiji. They shocks hearing her.

Didiji asks Gayatri to take care of her emotions too while taking care of Seher’s health. Gayatri nods at her and leaves from there. Didiji tells Rajveer that she want to talk to him alone. Seher thanks Gayatri for keeping her secret. Gayatri tells her that she was not aware that, the latter is CM’s daughter in law and asks her to find another doctor. Seher pleads her to help them. Karan and Param decides to talk to Didiji but Badi B stops them. Param tells them that he want to talk to Seher first. Didiji gets Rajveer’s signature in blank paper.

Seher tells Rajveer that Gayatri agreed to help and she won’t reveal the secret. She says to him that she is glad that Gayatri didn’t say anything to Didiji today. Param and Karan arrives there. Rimple thinks that now drama will begin. She asks them that why they are screaming Seher’s name. Karan and Param questions Didiji. Seher comes there and tells her brothers that they can’t talk to Didiji like this. She apologizes to them for not telling this matter to them. Karan asks her that how can she even think to give her baby to Didiji.

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Seher tells him that her baby will live in this house in front of her only. Karan asks her that what her baby will call her. Seher tells him that it doesn’t matter for her. Param tells her that it matters for them. Karan asks Didiji that why Seher’s baby will call her as mother and who will take decision for the baby. Rajveer apologizes to him and tells him that they can talk calmly. Param asks him to understand their feelings too because they also cares about Seher like how the latter cares about Didiji. She asks Rajveer that why he dragged Seher in his promise. Didiji tells them that Seher is their daughter in law. Karan tells her that Seher is Sarab and Meher’s daughter first.

Precap :

Karan and Param asks Seher to change her decision and leaves the house.

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