Balika Vadhu 2 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Maadi Baa smiling hearing Anandi’s words. She asks Anandi to finish her food. Anandi eats happily and then asks if she can go and sleep in her room. Maadi Baa tells she should sleep there itself. Anandi uses the light from earthen lamp to keep herself from getting affair of darkness. Next day Jigar asks if Maadi Baa still didn’t let Anandi outside the storeroom.

Sejal asks Anandi if she is fine and is hungry. Anandi is about to tell she already ate but then wonders why Maadi Baa didn’t tell about it to everyone. She thinks its very difficult to understand Maadi Baa. After Anandi goes with Sejal to fresh up for worshipping, Maadi Baa tells Devali she has gift for her. Devali gets happy and asks what it is. Baa gives the rope with which she had tied Anandi’s hands. She scolds her and tells she did big mistake by trusting her and from next time she will think twice before giving her anywork.

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Maadi Baa explains Anandi importance of mangalsutra. She tells her its a promise to stay happily forever with her husband. Maadi Baa asks Jigar to put mangalsutra on Anandi. Anandi recalls that she and Jigar has not got married but were just pretending. She tells Jigar to stop. Anandi is about to blurt the whole truth but Premji comes there and changes the topic. He tells Anandi stopped because she didn’t want to do this without Premji. He asks forgiveness for talking rudely to Anandi. Anandi says she is upset. But then he pacifies her and makes her agree to wear the mangalsutra from Jigar’s hands. Jigar puts mangalsutra around Anandi’s neck.

Maadi Baa says she feels relieved now. Later Devali overhears Jigar telling Kanku that Anandi misses her parents a lot and wants to go back to her home. She thinks to take advantage of the situation. Devali goes to Jigar and tells he that he praised Anandi’s project and then stood up for her against Maadi baa, she asks him if he has started liking Anandi. Jigar says if she is gonna scold her again. Devali manipulates him and tells him that if he wants to help Anandi he can tell the truth about his marriage to Maadi Baa and she will definitely send Anandi back.

Premji gets very angry after hearing about Maadi Baa locking up Anandi in storeroom. He tells them its wrong and they should speak to Maadi Baa. Jigar tells Anandi to talk to Maadi Baa if she wants to go back to her home. Anandi goes and tells Maadi Baa about she staying at Devgarh and they faked gauna for Bhanu. Maadi Baa tells her not to speak nonsense and tells her to go to her room. Maadi Baa thinks if Anandi said so confidently something is definitely wrong. She calls everyone to talk to them.

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