Udaariyaan 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Jasmine asking Tejo who leaked the papers. Tejo asks whoever did, why her face colour has changed. Jasmine denies it and diverts the topic what she’s doing in her room. Tejo holds Jasmine’s hand and says that she got to know she leaked the papers to defame her, to ruin her career. Jasmine denies it, but Tejo silences Jasmine showing the pen drive. She says that Candy got it from her room. Jasmine gets angry and says that she won’t spare Candy. Tejo stops Jasmine and slaps her.

Tejo says that she knows she can stoop low for her own benefit, but didn’t thought she can do this. She didn’t thought about the students and their life. She throws the clothes on Jasmine’s face and says that hardwork is needed to earn money and asks to save money instead of looting it. She wishes that Fateh learns her truth before he gets ruined. Jasmine shouts at Tejo. Tejo says that if she complains to cybercrime, she will get punished. She warns Jasmine to stop doing such cheap act. She says that it will be her last warning. Tejo leaves.

Candy goes to find Tejo as he’s hungry. Jasmine eats chocolate recalling Tejo words. Candy sees Jasmine and says that he wants chocolate. Jasmine refuses to give him chocolate. Candy snatches the chocolate and runs. Jasmine runs after him. Candy on his hit a table and Fateh’s family photo falls down. Candy says that the same photo is in his house and the boxer uncle is his mom’s friend. Jasmine recalls Tejo words and wonders how it’s possible his mom knows Fateh. Jasmine asks Candy his mom knows Fateh. He replies yes. Tejo comes there and gives candy the food she prepared for him, He leaves taking it. Jasmine stops Tejo and asks which colleague’s son Candy is. Tejo says that she doesn’t need to know her. Jasmine says that she wants to know as Candy saying that Fateh is his mom’s friend. Tejo says that Candy is a kid, they can’t accept everything he says. Jasmine says that Candy knows Fateh is boxer. Tejo says that Fateh is well known in whole Punjab, so he must have seen him on TV and her mom would told that he’s her friend. Jasmine wants to question Candy, but Tejo stops Jasmine asking to spare Candy as he’s kid. Jasmine doubts that there’s a connection between Fateh and Candy and gets determined to find it.

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Two men meet Fateh in the academy and ask to pay their money. Fateh asks them to send the bill. They say that they already sent it. Fateh checks the files and says Jasmine. Jasmine complaints to sweety that she’s waiting for Fateh to go to the engagement, but he’s not answering her calls. Sweety says that Fateh did exactly the same with Tejo when she was his wife and he’s doing the same with her. Fateh apologizes that he was busy in house work so he didn’t come to the academy. He says that he will clear their bill now. one man says that it’s bound to happen when he has two wifes. He asks to handle either academy or his wife. Jasmine argues with Sweety and says that Fateh can never treat her like he treated Tejo. The man says that Tejo handled everything well, but he replaced her with someone else. Fateh sends them saying that he will clear the bills. Fateh checks the file and finds that Jasmine didn’t even check the accounts.

Fateh comes back. Jasmine argues with Fateh that he forgot that they have to go her friend’s engagement and didn’t answer her calls. Fateh says that Jasmine wanted to help him in academy work, but she didn’t check the accounts and clear the bills. Jasmine cries and fights with Fateh. She says that she always worried about Tejo what she will do next to come close to Fateh. Jasmine says that she won’t come to the academy from the tomorrow and says to take Tejo with him. She angrily leaves. Gurpreet and Nimmo hear their fight. Gurpreet worries about Fateh. Nimmo says that if they fought daily like this, Fateh will get over Jasmine. Gurpreet says that when a couple’s love depth is known when they support each other in difficult situation. Tejo hears this. Fateh regrets removing Tejo from the academy.

Virks dance with Candy and have fun. Fateh comes there. Candy drags Fateh in the middle and makes him wear a cap. Fateh lifts Candy on his shoulder. Candy holds Tejo’s hand. Tejo and Fateh come close. Jasmine gets upset on seeing this. Tejo wants to take Candy home, but Candy wants to stay there. Fateh says that he can stay the next day, Tejo will get his mom’s permission and also will bring his clothes. Tejo nods ok. Jasmine decides to follow Tejo.

Jasmine follows Tejo. Jasmine hides and sses Tejo. Tejo hands Candy to Deepti and asks her to hand Candy to Buzzo, who is waiting for her outside of the temple. Tejo looks back. Jasmine hides. Tejo recalls seeing an auto following her in the rear mirror and calling Deepti to meet her. Tejo says that today she was saved, but she has to find a way soon. Tejo comes to meet her parents as they called her. Rupy and Tejo have a talk. Rupy says Tejo to forget everything and live her life as she wants. He says that this house door is always open for her. Tejo says that she will definitely come when the right time will come. Tejo goes to her room to get her certificate to submit in her college. She finds Rupy’s burned passport and Jasmine’s passport. She wonders what’s the matter.

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