Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Reema crying on her fate. Vivaan taunts him to enjoy her life, do modelling and become famous this is all that she wanted. He compares her to Simar which Reema doesn’t like. He tells her for these things only she used him not to live a simple life with her husband all these she doesn’t like. He tells her that she don’t have respect for the people who loves her. Reema is silent, Vivaan leaves the room.

Shobha and Manoj are dancing in Vivek wedding. Geetanjali Devi prays to Ma Durga for the wedding. Aditi touches her feet and ask for forgiveness from her. Badi Ma gets emotional, Aditi tells her that she always forgave her and always wanted better for them, then she says to forgive her for the last time. Geetanjali Devi is happy and tells her that she is the only granddaughter she have that’s why she holds a special position in her heart. Geetanjali Devi thank God for bringing Aditi and Vivaan on the right path, now she says Aarav will be also come back when Simar will leave this house and their happiness will come back.

Aarav and Simar comes to tell the truth to Badi Ma, but then Aditi signal them not to tell the truth. Badi Ma sees Aarav and Simar she ask Aarav whether he wanted to say something, Simar stops him from telling Mohit reality. Aarav then changes the topic and tells that the Mandap is ready for the wedding. Badi Ma ask him to get ready as the Bharat must be on the way. Geetanjali Devi takes Aditi with her to get her ready.

Aditi gets ready for her wedding, when Sandhya comes to her room she gives her the jewelry box and ask her to get her ready for the wedding. She also says that whatever she has done no mother could do for her daughter. But Sandhya leaves crying from her room. When Aarav and Simar ask her to tell the truth, she gave them her promise and tells them that if they will tell the truth to anyone and stop her marriage then thay will see her daed face. Aarav also leaves. Aditi ask Simar to get her ready. Simar comes and ask Reema to get Aditi ready for the wedding.

Chitra and Griraj attends Vivek wedding. Reema wanted to ask Simar why she told the truth to Vivaan but then she controlled as she doesn’t want Vivaan to get more angry on her. She decides to ask her after Aditi’s wedding. When Manoj called Roma for the rituals she denied to do and showed them her bandages on her hand and told them that her hand was burnt. She denied to do rituals because Shobha warned her to make excuse and don’t be part of any ritual as she brings bad omen to her family. Then Chitra does the rituals.

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Aarav decides to discuss Aditi matter with Vivaan but then he thought Vivaan alredy have so much problems in his life. The Barat comes at Oswal residence. Aarav and Simar welcomes them. They sees all of them are dancing, Mohit ask them to join otherwise he will be angry and will take the Barat back. Geetanjali Devi also coming towards the Barat. As Mohit is going to touch Simar’s hand, Aarav bought his hand and shows anger to Mohit.

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