Balika Vadhu 2 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Anandi scolding Jigar because she got scolded by Maadi Baa due to his suggestion. Kanku stops them for arguing and asks Jigar what happened. Jigar tells her how Devali has said her that if Anandi tells truth about marriage to Maadi Baa she will allow Anandi to go back. He says he just wanted to help Anandi. Kanku realizes its Devali’s evil games and wonders what problem she has with Anandi. Kanku says wrong happened with Anandi and now she understood why Maadi Baa has called all the family members.

Maadi Baa asks them to say the truth. Sejal and Premji explains the whole incident. They say marriage happened but kids don’t know about it. Maadi Baa gets shocked and wonders how Anandi was going through so much just for happiness of elders. She feels guilty and upset. Maadi Baa says she should not have come back from temple. She was alone at temple but was committing any sins. She regrets making Anandi do all the rituals. Anandi cries in her room and thinks Jigar made her get the scolding.
She talks to her parents photo and thinks to call Khimji to take her back home.

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Maadi Baa asks them why they hid the truth from her. Devali mocks by saying due to respect. She asks them if they didn’t even think about how the little girl Anandi will be affected once she knows the truth. Sejal says they had wanted to tell her truth but every time something happened and they couldn’t tell it. Maadi Baa asks them to leave her alone. Anandi goes to take phone from Jigar but then thinks he is very rude and also got her scolded. She decides to go to Devgarh alone.

Anandi packs her luggage and recalls the moments spent there. She goes to temple and says to goddess that she cannot inform others so she is informing her before leaving. Sejal and Premji come to room and find Anandi is not there. Sejal says she must be playing with Kanku. Jigar and Kanku get shocked and tells Anandi isnt there with them. Anandi is walking alone on the road and stumbles. She asks a shopkeeper about way to Devgarh.

Shopkeeper tells her its very far and she needs to take bus. She asks where she will find bus and he asks her to go to bus stand. Premji gets worried and tells Jigar to bring his car’s keys. He goes to find Anandi with Lakhan Kumar. Sejal breaksdown being worried about Anandi’s safety. Premji comes at same plage as Anandi but missed to see her. Khimji calls Premji to ask about notes he had sent for Anandi. Premji says he is busy and disconnects the call. Ratan gets worried about Anandi. Anandi is going to bus stand and gets fascinated seeing troop of dancers. The episode ends with Anandi also willing to dance with them.

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