Choti Sardarni 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Seher tells her brothers that they are family and Didiji faced so much in her past and they don’t know about that, that’s why they are reacting like this. Param tells Didiji that he is ready to die to pay for all the things she did for them but he can’t let this happen with Seher. He holds Karan and Seher’s hands and tells Didiji that they lost their parents in childhood itself and only they knows that how much they suffered without their parents. He tells her that Seher’s first baby is so special for them so he won’t give the baby to her no matter what.

He says to her that he don’t care about promise and no one can snatch Seher’s rights from her. He pleads her to understand their feelings. Karan tells him that they are not here to get anyone’s permission instead they came to tell their decision which they did it already. They moves from there. Seher asks them to listen her once. Karan asks her to call them once she changes her decision and he leaves the house with Param. Seher cries and Rajveer runs towards her and hugs her to comfort her.

Badi B asks Param and Karan that what happened there and did Seher changed her decision because she knows that Seher can’t go against her brothers.

Other side, Seher tells Rajveer that she never took any decision against her brothers till now and she feels hopeless now. He tells her that she need not to suffer because of him so he will talk to Didiji. She stops him. They hears Didiji singing lullaby. Seher tells Rajveer that Didiji waiting for her Sonu desperately so he should not talk to her in this matter. She says to him that if anything happens to Didiji then she can’t live with that guilt.

Karan shows Meher’s diary to Param and tells him that how Meher dreamt of Seher’s first baby upbringing. He tells him that they should take decision. Param nods at him. Rajveer tells Seher that Param and Karan will have more rights on their baby than him. Didiji tells herself that only she has whole rights on her Sonu and if anyone tried to come in between her and Sonu then she won’t stay silent.

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Anu calls Param to talk to him but he disconnects the call saying that he will talk to her later. Karan notices that and calls Anu and informs her about Didiji’s demand. He asks her to help them to make Didiji understand that she is doing wrong. She tells him that she will try to help him. She turns around and notices Nikhil. He asks her that how can she even think to go against Didiji. She tells him that she knows that Didiji did so much for them but they also did so much for her. She says to him that now they should take stand for the right and decides to help Param and Karan.

Didiji gives head massage to Seher because the latter suffered from headache. She tells her that Rajveer and Seher are her family and she asks her to do whatever the latter wants to do. Seher tells her that she will keep her promise.

Precap :

Didiji learns about artificial insemination procedure.

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