Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with Mohit asking Aarav and Simar to join him, Simar tells him that dancing is not allowed in their house, still he insists and they join him. Geetanjali Devi is furious and tells to Ranaji that may be in hurry she didn’t inform him that song and dance is not allowed at her home. She cannot bare music and dancing infront of her house.

Ranaji says that thsi is their proud moment, his barat without music and dance is incomplete. Geetanjali Devi threatens him that if he will not stop this right now then she will stop the wedding and cancel all the deals they had done. She has given him options to choose between the wedding or the music and dancing.

Reema snatches Vivaan from the function and ask him to give her one more chance to prove herself. Reema bangle gets sticks to Vivaan dress, he tells her let’s go in the room and then take it out. Ranaji agrees to stop the music and dance, he tells if girls side has agreed to all their condition so surely they can keep up with their one condition.

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Aarav gets a call and leaves Simar, Mohit tries to misbehave while dancing but Simar manages to dance. Geetanjali Devi comes and saw Simar dancing with them, she stops them. Ranaji taunts Geetanjali Devi that the Badi Bahu is unaware of Oswal’s rule. Geetanjali Devi gets flash back. Ranaji stops everyone from dancing.

Sandhya and Simar comes to welcome Mohit. Sandhya gets flash back. She still puts tikka on Mohit and welcomes him. As she is leaving, Ranaji tells how mother-in-law can go like this sh ehave to touch groom nose. Geetanjali Devi tells everything will happen according to ritual only. She then ask Simar to help Sandhya, Simar takes thal from Sandhya. Sandhya with very hard feelings touches his nose and finishes the rituals.

Gajender then puts malas on Ranaji and welcomes him. Badi Ma takes Simar in a corner and tells her that have she forgotten all rules of this house, how dare she was dancing with the baratis. Meanwhile Aarav comes and saves Simar, he tells to Badi Ma that she was made to dance. Then he showed her the video clip, Geetanjali Devi tells why didn’t he told her that time itself. Badi mA says that she wants Simar out of this house after ten days.

For Viveek garland ceremony Panditji ask to bring garland, Roma gives them. Shobha ask for a family photo,anoj ask Roma to come Shobha stops him and clicks photo without her. Reema tries to untangle her bangle from Vivaan’s dress. He tells her that he likes things untangle whether it’s relationship or things. Everyone waiting for Aditi to come down, she comes down while coming she ask Sandhy that like this only they put flower on dead bodies. When Aditi looks at Mohit she gets the glash back how he misbehaved with her.

Sandhya is not able to take her daughter to the mandap. Simar holds her nad takes her. Aarav feels anger. For the garland ceremony, Simar gives garland to Aditi’s hand and then she gives to Mohit he touches her hand, Simar feels awkward. Simar then pushes Aditi to put garland to Mohit she puts it. Then he puts the garland to Aditi and then he touches his arms, Simar feels very disgusting.

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