Udaariyaan 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Tejo questioning Rupy about his burnt passport. Rupy says that Jasmine did this and narrates what had happened. Other hand Jasmine recalls Candy’s words and the recent happening. She says that wasn’t Candy’s mom. Rupy says to Tejo that Jasmine did dram of losing her passport and then making a new one. Tejo thinks.

Fateh back hugs Jasmine. She is angry with Fateh. The latter apologizes to Jasmine. Jasmine complains that Fateh is happy with Candy, but his mood get off when he comes to her. He must be missing Tejo, his best friend, so he was dancing with Candy and Tejo. Fateh laughs saying that she’s jealous of Candy. Jasmine denies and says that she doubts Candy. He said that his mother is his friend and asks if he knows Tejo colleague.

Fateh says no and says Jasmine to not take Candy’s words serious as he’s just a kid. Jasmine says that Fateh got attached to Candy. Fateh hugs Jasmine saying that he’s attached to her too. Tejo asks why she burnt Rupy’s passport instead of her passport. Rupy says that it’s her obsession. Fateh gifts a earrings set to Jasmine. He makes her wear it. They share a moment. Tejo thinks that Jasmine must had a reason for doing like that.

Gurpreet and Fateh have a talk about Candy. Fateh says that he gets happy playing with him. Tejo hears this. Gurpreet says that she’s upset that he has chosen Jasmine, if everything was fine between him and Tejo, they would have got a baby.

Tejo recalls gynecologist words and gets sad. Gurpreet says to Fateh to not leave the house again, she is worried that Jasmine won’t let him stay here. Fateh says that Jasmine changed and became mature. Tejo says that she should stay away from Fateh and Jasmine.

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Tejo comes to the kitchen to make tea. She asks Fateh if he wants tea. Fateh nods ok. Tejo asks that they both wanted to make their marriage a successful one and he wanted to move on in his life, then what happened that he took such a big decision. Fateh says that he only loved Jasmine in his whole life, but after what Jasmine did in their wedding day, he thought that nothing is important for Jasmine than Canada, so he wanted to move on and make their marriage with a successful. But one day Jasmine did something which made him trust her again.

Fateh says that Jasmine burnt her passport, which was her dream for him. Tejo recalls Rupy’s words. Fateh says that Jasmine has changed, she loves him so much, so she wants to win his family’s heart. Tejo laughs. Fateh asks if she wants to say something.

Tejo says that she’s no one for him to say anything. She gives him tea. She says that she’s her will wisher and wants that he soon learn the truth. She doesn’t want him to get betrayed. He will know the truth one day and that day he will understand why she laughed. Tejo leaves.

Jasmine is dertimined to find Candy’s mom. Tejo says over phone that she will pick up Candy. Jasmine sends Tejo out saying that Biji calling her and checks Tejo phone call log. She finds Tejo called Urvashi lastly. Jasmine connects her phone with Tejo’s phone to see her live location.

Jasmine says that she will follow her wherever she goes. In the academy Jasmine is following Tejo’s location in her phone. Fateh sees Jasmine and gets happy that she’s working. Jasmine sees that Tejo is going towards high away and leaves.

Tejo is Simran, Buzzo and Candy. Tejo says to Candy that she can’t take him home today as she has some important work. Candy gets angry with Tejo and leaves. Simran asks Tejo why she looks worried. Tejo says that Jasmine got suspicious about Candy. Jasmine comes there and sees hiding. Tejo says that she should be more cautious if Jasmine tells to the family, their plan will be flopped.

Jasmine wonders what Tejo, Simran and Buzzo arw cooking up. Candy comes there and calls Simran mummy. Jasmine realises that Candy is Simran’s son. Jasmine thinks of exposing Tejo. She moves and makes some noice by mistake. Tejo, Simran and Buzzo notice Jasmine. Jasmine runs from there. Tejo goes after Jasmine.

Jasmine falls down and Tejo catches Jasmine. Tejo refuses to leave Jasmine until she says what she’s running in her mind. Jasmine says that Tejo is playing game. She wanted to find who is Candy. She says that Kushbeer will throw Tejo out of the house when he will find out that Candy is Simran’s son and she’s planning to get him inside the house. She asks Tejo if she got scared and makes fun of Tejo.

Tejo says that when intentions are good there’s no need to get scared. Jasmine asks Tejo to start packing her bag as she will make her leave the house. Tejo says Jasmine to think before doing anything if she wants to stay in that house else she will make her leave from the house and Fateh’s life. Tejo says that she’s aware of that she burnt Rupy’s passport to prove her love to Fateh. Jasmine gets shocked.

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