Molkki 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Purvi tells Arjun that how Daksh holded her that day. He asks her to not move and checks waiter’s position and notices the hotel room’s flower vase and asks the waiter to leave. Then he takes Purvi to Police station. She asks him that why they are going there now. He tells her that she questions a lot. Sakshi calls Purvi and asks her that did they find any evidence. Purvi tells her that Arjun is really weird and they are going to the police station. Sakshi asks her to tolerate Arjun’s behaviour because he is their last hope. Purvi tells her that she will handle it. Anjali overhears Sakshi’s conversation with Purvi and realises that they found Lawyer to save Virendra. She informs about Arjun to Prakashi. Prakashi tells her that she need to meet Arjun.

Arjun tells Police inspector that he want to see Daksh’s dead body. Police inspector gives permission to him. Purvi asks Arjun that why he want to see Daksh’s dead body now. Arjun tauntingly tells her that he likes to see dead body that’s why. They goes to a morgue room. He takes his camera and clicks pictures of Daksh’s dead body and smiles. She asks him that why he is smiling. He tells her that Virendra’s case going to get reopened. She asks him about evidence. He tells her that Virendra will be out of jail soon. She tells him that she is Virendra’s wife so she has full rights to know everything. He refuses to tell her anything and informs her that he will call her to inform about court hearing date.

Later, Purvi tells Sakshi that Arjun found evidence but he is not revealing about evidence. She gets Arjun’s message and informs Sakshi that tomorrow they have court hearing. Prakashi and Anjali overhears their conversation. Anjali asks her that what are they going to do now.

Next day, Prakashi asks Sakshi and Purvi that where are they going. Sakshi lies to her that they are going to find Lawyer. Prakashi tells her that she wants Virendra to return from jail as soon as possible. Purvi and Sakshi reaches the court and waits for Arjun. He arrives there and asks Purvi to tell Sakshi to stay away from him and moves from there. Purvi searches Arjun and sees him with Prakashi and Anjali. Prakashi gives money to him which shocks Purvi.

Purvi leaves from there and decides to inform everything to Sakshi. She gets shock seeing Nani in the court. She tells Sakshi about Prakashi and Arjun. She says to her that they need to find another Lawyer to save Virendra. Police brings Virendra there. Court hearing begins. Sakshi tells Purvi that now they can’t do anything.

Daksh’s Lawyer tells Judge that Virendra deserves punishment for killing Daksh. Arjun tells Judge that Virendra is innocent and he has evidence to prove that. He submits Daksh’s dead body pictures to Judge. He shows Daksh’s dress which he was wearing that day and tells Judge that Virendra’s bullet touched Daksh’s shoulder only which shocks everyone.

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