Nima Denzongpa 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Tulika bringing food for Varun and tries to talk to him but he is angry. He says you have insulted me today. Tulika says your father was angry so I had to protect you. Your father rejected his wife Nima and her daughters because I played a game. I pretended to burn myself so your father would leave that Nima. I brought your father on our side, we should lose small fights to play a big game. Suresh comes there and asks what are they talking about? Varun says nothing. Suresh thinks I should talk calmly with Varun. He tells Varun that I love you but don’t do this mistake again. He leaves from there. Varun tells Tulika that you trap me again then I will tell everything to baba that you just told me. He leaves. Tulika laughs and says he is smart like me.

Suman’s family meets Mitali’s family. They finalize Paras and Mitali’s marriage. Mitali’s family says Paras made us all wait. Mitali’s father tells Paras’s father Ginesh that we want Mitali to be engaged soon. Suman says it will be too soon as Babita’s engagement will happen in a week. Mitali’s father says we can get Paras and Mitali get engaged in the same venue, we will take care of all the expenses. Suman says I should talk to Babita’s inlaws. Mitali’s father says sure and then you can inform us. They all start going for dinner. Mitali’s hand touches Paras’ hand but he moves away.

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Nima sits with her daughters to eat dinner. Mania says Tulika was acting weird today. Nima says don’t badmouth her. The doorbell rings and Sarla comes inside. Sia gets tensed. Sarla says I want to talk to Sia alone. Nima says why? Sarla says I want to talk about my FD. Mania says sure. Nima says I am so happy as Sia is making me proud. Sia goes with her.

Ginesh comes to Paras’ room and says I am very happy today. Mitali’s family is rich, they have so much property and if she becomes our daughter in law then we will have a better standing in society. You are making all this happen so thank you. Paras says I have a business idea but it’s a little modern. Ginesh says we have a family business so don’t give modern ideas. Paras says please give me a chance, he holds Mania’s necklace tightly in his hand. Ginesh says I am happy with you so I will listen to your idea tomorrow in the office. He leaves. Paras smiles and says he agreed to listen to me? He looks at Mania’s necklace and says she is lucky for me.

Sarla tells Sia that you 3 are like my daughters. I want to talk to you as a mother. Sia says it’s not like that. Sarla says I saw you with that guy and you both were looking at each other like Suresh and Nima looked at each other but you know what happened with them right? You know your Ayi’s dream is to see you all successful, don’t hide anything from your Ayi. Nima comes there and asks what is she hiding? Sia says she was just confused about the rates of FD so I was telling her. Sarla says I just wanted to be sure. Sia says don’t worry. Nima tells Sarla that you can trust Sia. Sarla says you people are like my family.

In the morning, Suresh comes to Suman’s house for job. He recalls how he had come here 20 years ago behind Nima. He starts leaving but gets Tulika’s call and says yes, I have arrived at the new job. I will call you later. Bakay comes there and says you have come here for the driver job right? come inside. Suresh looks on.

Ginesh meets Suresh and says you are hired because Balaj recommended you. Suresh says I am sorry but I can’t take this job. Ginesh says what? Suresh sees Nima coming there. Ginesh asks what’s his name? Bakay says his name is Suresh. Nima hears it and turns to see Suresh standing there. She drops tea cup in shock. Maaji scolds her.

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