RadhaKrishn 7th-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Krishna looks at Radha carefully. Radha asks what is he looking at. He says she was tensed sometime ago and now looks happy. She thinks he doesn’t know that she will use Jara’s promise against himself and keep him away from Krishna. Krishna asks her to enjoy presence without worrying about future. Sam meets Shukracharya and says Jara will kill Krishna for sure.

Shukracharya asks why is he so sure. Sam says though Jara is a failed hunter, Krishna will teach him archery. Shukracharya says nobody got that privilege except Arjun, he is sure Jara is special or else Krishna wouldn’t teach her. Sam says Radha still thinks Jara will harm Krishna, he will spy on her to know what her next dream will be.

Radha requests Krishna that she wants to celebrate navratri pooja. Krishna says a friend’s request is an order to him. Radha says she will pray maa Durga from day 1 of navratri. Krishna says maa Durga will fulfill her request for sure. Radha says she wants them to be together always. He says Radha Krishna are always one and she need not worry.

Sam walks to Jara and wakes him up. Jara greets him and asks what is he doing here. Sam says he is special as great warrior Krishna will teach him archery. He orders servants to serve feast to Jara and asks Jara to stay back and learn archery from Krishna, he would be elated to meet a great archer later. Jara says he is better as a hunter,

a divine person called him here and gave him respect, he cannot force him to each him. Sam asks to ask Krishna once. Guard informs Jara that Krishna is calling him to teach archery. Jara happily leaves. Sam thinks Krishna will each him for sure.

RadhaKrishn 6th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Krishna in garden shoots arrow to a flower tree and showers flowers on Radha. Radha gets happy. Jara enters, greets him, and says he is lucky that Dwarkadhish himself is teaching him archery. Krishna gives his bow to him and asks to fix arrow in it and shoot at target. He asks him to look only at target and shoot. Jara fails. Krishna asks him to maintain balance with hands and legs and pour all his energy towards his target.

Jara shoots at bull’s eye and rejoice. Krishna asks him to shoot again. Jara hits bull’s eye again. Krishna asks him to practice if he wants to become like Arjun. Jara says all guests are going, so next training will be in jungle. Krishna agrees. Sam hearing their conversation walks out and requests Radha Krishna to invite Jara for today’s Durga pooja. They both agree and invite Jara.

Radha Krishna perform Durga pooja. Anirudh asks why they perform Durga pooja twice. Krishna says there is a reason behind it. Radha and Nishant request to tell them its story. Krishna describes how Ram couldn’t kill Ravan even after beheading him multiple times and then how Vibhishan helped Ram. Sam thinks Vibhishan helped Ram, but he will betray Krishna.

Precap :

Krishna runs behind Radha and thinks Devi Durga returned cheerful Radha to him. Sam thinks Jara in excitement will seek Krishna death from Maa Durga.

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