Bigg Boss 15 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

In today’s episode starts with Day 6 at 8 AM; inmates wake up at ‘Ladki Kar Gayi Chull’ song. 9AM: Pratik asks Akasa why she didn’t came when he called her. Akasa says because she needs an attention thus she was avoiding. Pratik says to Akasa he only talk with Karan and her. Akasa says she is still clueless whom to trust and not. Pratik says everyone at other side feel he is manipulating her.

9:30 AM; Big G bring scroll for the inmates. Afsana read the scroll.

11 AM; Karan talk with Nishant and says from past 4 days he is wearing same clothes.

1PM; Vishal sneak inside the house and says he wants to get inside the house.

Karan talk with Jay, Vishal and Vidhi and says they have left Shamita, Nishant and Pratik comfortably thus they need to put pressure on them to get the map. There. Pratik says he needs to hide the map inside the shoe. Nishant asks Pratik not to worry as Jay and Karan doesn’t have brain. Here, Karan decide to plot something so that Shamita, Nishant and Pratik’s life line gets cut.

4PM; Karan make a plan and asks Ishaan to just roam around the house and come. Nishant says to Shamita they will try to scare them. Shamita says to BB they are not allowing but contenders are entering the house.

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4:15 PM; Vishwa Sundari asks Meisha to gather the inmates as she want to talk with everyone. Inmates gather. Later, argument happen between Pratik and Ishaan post former claim he is turned Meisha’s bodyguard. In the meantime, Vishwa Sundari says to inmates that any 5 contender can sacrifice their stuff and she can send them new map. She asks inmates to discuss and give the name. Contenders discuss the name. Here, Ishaan says to Pratik he is jealous.

5 PM; Afsana takes the sugar. Shamita and Nishant asks Afsana not to break the rule. Nishant decide to talk with inmates. He asks inmates not to break the rule as BB made it. Nishant says it is against the rule. Karan interrupt and says he will come and go and don’t teach him rule. He asks Shamita, Nishant and Pratik to take care of their house.

5:30 PM; Karan says to Pratik that he is blocking the way and it can hurt. Pratik asks Karan not to bother. Vishal says to Shamita that Pratik is taking footage as the stuffs will belong to them and it is of his no use.

5:45PM; Shamita asks Jay if he has any disagreement in the past. Jay says no but he doesn’t like the way he talk. Vishwa sundari asks inmates to give the names of the contenders who are going to sacrifice the bag.

6 PM; Main door open, Simba, Ishaan and Umar go inside to fetch the map and stuffs. Tejasswi, Afsana block Shamita and Pratik’s way.

6:15 PM; Pratik tries to fetch the bag from Jay. BB asks contenders not to get physical. Ahead, Ishaan, Umar, Simba, Karan, Jay protect the bag from Pratik. Shamita asks Pratik why he is after bag. Pratik looks for his bag. Nishant told Pratik that it is with Vishal.

6:30 PM; Pratik asks Vishal to give back his bag. Karan and Vishal refuse to give the bag. Here, Shamita asks Nishant from where Karan got the lock and key. Nishant says to Shamita that it was present at the BB house. Afterwards, Shamita asks Pratik to calm as because of him other inmates have seized her and Nishant’s stuff. Pratik and Shamita argue with each other. Karan decide to bring Shamita to their side.

Nishant, Pratik and Shamita argues with each other. Pratik says they are even playing individual. Shamita says than she will return the map. Pratik refuse to listen to Shamita and Nishant. Nishant says to Shamita that she can’t simply return the map. Shamita says they can’t keep backing Pratik and calls him selfish.

Later, Pratik try to open the lock. Karan alerts him. He further goes and tell to Shamita and Nishant about Pratik. Shamita give back map to Shail and Karan. Nishant get angry on Shamita. Argument happen between Nishant and Shamita. Shamita burst at Pratik too.

7pm; Karan, Vishal and others plan against Shamita, Pratik and Nishant again.

7:15 PM; Pratik asks Karan why he messed the washroom. Karan says because he touched their side washroom. He clear whatever Pratik will do Nishant and Shamita has to reciprocate.

7:30 PM; Shamita cries. Vishal console Shamita. Karan call Vishal and asks him not to console Shamita else their plan will go in vain.

7:45 PM; Vishal tell to Jay and Simba that he is trying to fake console Shamita but Karan is not allowing him too. Simba calls Vishal wolf.

Shamita talk with Vishal and says she is hurt with Pratik’s attitude. She says to Vishal and Karan that she is backing up from Pratik.

8:15 PM; Nishant clean the washroom. Jay and Karan decide to help Nishant. Nishant refuse to take their help. Karan and Jay help indeed.

9:45 PM; Nishant asks Karan to stop counting him for Pratik’s deed. Karan says equation will change further. He claim he don’t trust Jay and Vishal both.

10:45PM; Jay inform others that Sahil is talking with Pratik. All laugh.

11PM; Nishant talk with Pratik and says today he learnt Shamita and he both are playing individually. He further asks Pratik to play in a team.

12:30 PM; Ishaan and Meisha talk with each other. Meisha asks Ishaan what type of girl he wants. Ishaan says someone who love him. Meisha says she likes off-beat boys. Ishaan confessed he likes her.

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