Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode Joshi distributed sweets amongst the people for his father’s birthday celebration, said that he has a very good relationship with his father. Hitesh taunted, that good father –

son relations are a rarity. Anand asked him to stay away from his family. Joshi asked Ramji if he would come to work. Ramji agreed to, as he was never too old to fulfil his responsibilities and a man of his words. Meera asked Ramji not to be rigid, Bhim Rao was his son. Ramji knew what he was doing, he would work till his death.

Bhim Rao was digging ground on his workplace, he recalled Jijabai’s words.

Jijabai was telling Joshi that Bhim Rao would find new jobs. she wanted Joshi to place barriers in his paths.

Bhim Rao was leaving, the manager stopped him saying hat no job was good or bad for Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao said that he had to prove some people wrong. The manager said that Bhim Rao’s lower caste won’t let him find a god job, no degree, no experience. Bhim Rao had to fins a job of his caliber. The manager called a worker named Rupesh who was 5th grade graduate. He was able to introduce himself in English,

he gave a demo. The manager said that he couldn’t find a better job because of his lower caste, he tried to find a better job. Rupesh told his story that the upper cast didn’t let him study further or find him a better job, he was earning whatever he could for his wife and five children. The manager asked Rupesh to leave, he questioned Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao refused to work for him under any circumstances.

Bhim Rao questioned Guruji if people of lower caste would only be appointed as labor force even with all the educations. Ramji asked Guruji to make Bhim Rao understand. Bhim Rao informed Guruji about Ramji’s health and doctors advise for him to rest. Bhim Rao was being a responsible son. He was afraid seeing his father because the headaches were same as Bhimbai’s which took her life. Bhim Rao didn’t want Ramji to worry anymore. Ramji never thought that Bhim Rao would disrespect his decisions.

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Bhim Rao wasn’t disrespecting, he just lost his path. The difference in opinion was not disrespect, Bhim Rao only discovering himself in a new direction. Bhim Rao left.

Rama was washing clothes, Dailya amma inquired. Rama was cleaning Bhim Rao’s coat. Jijabai stared at her, Lakshmi said that after Bhim Rao left they have eaten their stomach full. Jijabai said that they have to do something else, need to make them leave this neighborhood. Make Bhim Rao believe that Rama was Insafe in this vicinity. Lakshmi understood the mission.

Bhim Rao was giving an interview, the man chose to appoint him as a manager. He asked Bhim Rao about the salary. Joshi came asking man about the salary of a lower caste. Joshi asked Bhim Rao to inform people about his lower caste. The man threw a glass at Bhim Rao, ferociously asked him to leave.

Lakshmi took a pot and broke it on Rama’s injuring her hand.

Joshi asked if Bhim Rao wasn’t capable for finding a good job. Bhim Rao had suffered a lot to come here, that man wasn’t the only one to offer him a job in Bombay.

Lakshmi apologized as she didn’t do it on purpose. Dailya amma questioned. Jijabai stopped her, said that she would questioned Lakshmi herself. She took her inside. Rama was taken for bandage. Meera was suspicious.

Rama challenged Bhim Rao to find jobs whilst he would tell people about his caste. Bhim Roa asked Joshi to leave him alone. Joshi wanted Bhim Rao to be left with nothing neither family, friends nor education.

Ramji told Puranjan that he needed to free Manjula’s chain to get Bhim Rao back to education. Puranjan asked how they would get such money. They heard a man who sold his blood to buy alcohol. Ramji was leaving. Puranjan stopped him as Ramji was too weak to sell his blood. Puranjan warned Ramji to be informing everyone about it. Ramji asked Puranjan to think as Ramji for once, he would understand his perspective.

Joshi followed Bhim Rao to his next interview. Bhim Roa asked Joshi to leave him alone.

Meera asked Rama to apply medicine. Rama couldn’t waste 2 anna on her medicine. Meera asked Manjula to get medicines from the house. Rama refused to take them as she left that house. Meera got angry at Rama. She never asked Rama to break ties with the family member in support of her husband. Meera angrily left. Daliya amma said that they would share the grocery, Rama must buy her medicines.

Rama didn’t want to cause a feud between Dailya amma and her son. She said that the pain would relief in a few days. Jijabai stood outside the door, said that there was a lot more coming other than pain which would force them to move out of this neighborhood.

Precap :

Ramji goes to hospital to sell his blood. The doctor says to examine it first. Bhim Rao come asking for a job. Ramji hide his face. Joshi asks the doctor to question Bhim Rao about his caste.

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