Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode begine with Panditji doing pooja with Aditi and Mohit before their wedding. Panditji then ask brides bhabhi to do gath bandan. Simar gets flash back of Aditi saying not to inform anyone otherwise they will see her dead face. Simar silently goes and do gath bandahan. Panditji then ask bride parents to come forward for the kanyadan. Sandhya feels helpless she doesn’t want to come but then she gathers her courage and comes with Gajender. Mohit holds Aditi hand, she feels very awkward. Sandhya and Gajender dies Kanyadan.

Then Panditji ask the bride and groom to stand for the phera ceremony. Mohit holds Aditi’s hand and do the pheras, Aditi also does still she is very unhappy with Mohit touching him. Simar keeps on praying to Mata Rani to save Aditi. Meanwhile Sandhya gathers her courage and slaps Mohit infront of everyone. All gets shocked, Simar runs and opens the gathbandan of Mohit and Aditi and holds Aditi. Sandhya warns to Mahit that how dare he touches her daughter.

Sandhya pushes Mohit from mandap, his turban falls down. She tells him that how dare he cannot touch Aditi. He keeps on staring at her. Sandhya tells him to stop staring at her, he tells her if he doesn’t then? Aarav comes and tells him to do his mother says. Mohit warns Aarav that he is doing blunder. Vivaan also comes in support of Aarav and tells Mohit that we are Aditi’s brother not his brother-in-law.

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Geetanjali Devi is shocked and doesn’t say a word. Ranaji shouts and ask them to stop. He tells that they are misbehaving with his family. Sandhya tells him that she will answer all his question. She tells him that her daughter will not marry this boy, not today or not any day. Ranaji tells her who is she to take this decision? Aarav says it’s the mother and in this house nobody goes beyond a mother’s decision, so if she said Aditi will not marry that boy then she will not.

Gajender ask Sandhya why is she doing this. Simar tells that a mother knows better for a child then anyone else. Ranaji says that youngers and Bahu didn’t took the wedding decision, he will ask the head of the family what she wants?

Geetanjali Devi tells that she took the wedding decision and once she made a promise then she never leaves her words. But she tells a mother knows better for their child. She adds that Sandhya is the eldest Bahu of this family and Aditi mother so if she said that Aditi will not marry that boy then we all will accept her decision. She apologies to Ranaji and tells that now infront of everyone she is breaking this alliance. Ranaji become furious. He says that Oswal’s cannot insult his family.

Ranaji threatens Geetanjali Devi, she tells him that he shouldn’t threaten her as she is not scared of him. Ranaji says that every one in this family have to pay for this, especially Sandhya. Gajender stands for them and says to Ranaji that he cannot point his mother and wife. Geetanjali Devi tells him that his fake threatening cannot scare her.

Mohit says that he doesn’t leave anything incomplete so today also he will complete his pheras an dmarry Aditi. Aarav stops him and holds his neck. He points gun on Aarav, Rana’s and Oswal’s points gun against each other. Gajender ask Ranaji to stop pointing gun otherwise nobody will go alive from here. Ranaji stops Mohit, Mohit leaves with his family warning Oswal’s to get ready for the big surprise as he will take revenge from them.

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