Nima Denzongpa 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Nima droping the teacup after seeing Suresh in Ginesh’s house. Maaji scolds her and says you could have burned me with the tea. Where is your mind Nima? I will fire you if you do this again. Nima stares at Suresh. Bakay notices it. Nima tells sorry to Maaji and starts leaving from there. Suresh sadly looks at her. Suresh tells Ginesh that I can’t work here. Ginesh says you are too egoistic. I will call Balaj now, he calls him and says Suresh doesn’t want to work here. Balaj talks to Suresh and says don’t embarrass me. Suresh says I have personal issues. Balaj says you can work for a month there and then see. Balaj talks to Ginesh and says you can keep him for a month. Ginesh asks Suresh to start working, he takes his ID. Nima looks on.

Sia is working in the office. Shiv comes to her and says why is your mood off now? It hurts me to see your behavior. Sia says I didn’t ask you to come here, you take me out for tea and then do all this. Shiv says you think I am running behind you, I won’t come near you again, he leaves. Sia sadly says it’s better for us.

Sunita comes out of the house and is cleaning. She says this Tulika is making me work for years. Mania is sitting outside her house and trying to make her shirts trendy. She gets Naina’s call who tells her that I got my hand fractured. Mania says I can come to help you. Naina says Bandra would be far away from my house. Mania recalls how she lied about living in Bandra. Naina says I had a shoot but I couldn’t shoot because of my fracture so I gave your photos. They liked it so can you and shoot the ad? They will give good money to you. Mania gets excited and says thank you. Naina says I like your nature. I will send you the address. Mania ends the call and says party now.

Paras comes to Babita and says let’s go for shopping. I am happy today. Babita says seems like Mitali has made you happy. Paras says my happiness is way different than my marriage and Mitali. Babita says what is it? Paras says I told you about my online advertising for baba’s saree business. He agreed to it so I will start working on it from tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the shoot for that advertising. I just want to make the business more modern.

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Suresh stops Nima outside Ginesh’s house. Nima says this work has given life to me and my daughters. If Tulika finds out that you are working here then she will do something wrong. I can’t lose this job. Suresh says I lost my job, Balaj fired me after I gave him 30 years. I don’t have money to support my family. Balaj gave me the address of this location but I didn’t know you work here. I don’t want to hurt you like this. I will not do this job, I will find another job, don’t worry.

Nima says I worry about my job but you have responsibilities too. You need this job too. You can’t leave this job because of me. I work in the house and you will be the driver so we won’t meet much. You can take the job. Suresh says thank you so much, I will try to not bother you at all. Nima says my only request is to not tell Ginesh’s family about our past. We don’t have anything left between us so it’s useless to talk about it. Suresh says I promise I won’t say a word to them.

Suresh comes home and asks Tulika for a towel but she ignores him. Suresh asks if she can’t hear him? Sunita ignores him too. Tulika says I have been calling you the whole day but you ignored me. Suresh says I was looking for a job. Tulika says you didn’t get it right? How will we manage expenses now? You are useless like your boss Balaj. Suresh says don’t say rubbish, you are like this and then that… I got the job. He leaves from there.

Mania tells Nima about her shoot. Nima says I am so happy that you are doing something in your life and earning now. Mania hugs her. Sia is worriedly cooking the kitchen. Nima notices it and thinks what happened to her?

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