Barrister Babu 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Chandrachur telling he was the cause of fight between Tulsipur and them. Chandrachur tells how he mixed chemicals in the clothes sent by Bonditta to Anirudh during the sword fight so that Anirudh would blame her. Chandrachur tells when he understood he cannot win Bonditta’s heart he wanted to win her body and he would have been successful if Anirudh did not come in between. Bonditta tells Chandrachur he is a devil.

Chandrachur accepts being a devil but tells the cause of him becoming a devil is Bonditta. Chandrachur tells he had a fight with Anirudh and fell from the cliff but he did not die his men saved him and he faked being dead to get Anirudh hanged. Bonditta tells she feels ashamed of Chandrachur who is mad about someone else’s wife even when he has such a loving wife. Chandrachur tells Tupur is a doll for him to play with and he has always used her and even now he would slap her if she was here.

Tupur slaps Chandrachur hard and tells she is here but the slap is on his face. Chandrachur raises his hand to slap her back but is stopped by Anirudh. Anirudh tells he already warned Chandrachur that if he raises his hand on any lady again he will bend it. Bonditta tells Chandrachur the judge is here and the driver is senior inspector.

Chandrachur tells they are in Dhaka so judge and inspector has no power here. Bonditta tells this place looks like Dhaka but it is in Bengal only. Anirudh tells you have been trapped in Barrister Bonditta’s plan. Flashback shows Bonditta telling Anirudh that Chandrachur has called her to meet in club and she has to go as nothing is more important then saving Anirudh for her. Anirudh tells Bonditta he won’t stop her and tells her to go fully prepared and think ahead of Chandrachur, he tells Bonditta he has complete faith in her. Bonditta meets the judge and plans to trap Chandrachur and make him confess all his crime when he feels safe in Dhaka.

Chandrachur is shocked to know he has been fooled by Bonditta. Police arrests Chandrachur and Tupur stops him from running away. Tapur tells now there is no escape for him and he will be whiplashed in prison. Sampurna tells today is Bijaya Dashmi and once again truth won. Judge tells further punishment will be decided in court. Next morning in court Bonditta asks the judge to give strict punishment to Chandrachur. Government lawyer accepts his defeat and praises Bonditta and Anirudh. He tells the reporter to print in front page that girls and boys and equally bear the weight of Barrister’s court.

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Anirudh is declared innocent and Chandrachur is punished. Anirudh and Bonditta return home and Trilochan does there gatbandhan. Thakur Maa apologizes to Bonditta and praises Anirudh for his thinking. Tapurs thanks Anirudh for saving her prestige. The episode ends with Thakur Maa thanking Anirudh and Bonditta.

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