Molkki 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Anjali asks Prakashi that why the latter pushed her. Prakashi tells her that she didn’t had any other choice to stay in this palace. She asks her to imagine that what would have happened if they left the palace then. Anjali imagines of begging. Prakashi tells her that she saved the latter too and now she need to teach lesson to Purvi and Sakshi. Purvi learns that Manas and Juhi left the school and wonders that who would have picked them. She calls them but no response from other side and searches them. She decides to not tell Sakshi that Kids are missing.

Meanwhile, Arjun gives icecream to Manas and Juhi. Purvi sees them and wonders that what Kids doing with Arjun. She scolds Kids for leaving the school and hugs them and cries. Juhi tells her that Arjun brought them here. Purvi asks Kids to enjoy the icecream. She asks Arjun that how can he bring her Kids here without her permission. He tells her that he didn’t kidnap them. She tells him that he should have informed her. He tells her that Kids saved his life so he brought them for icecream treat that’s it. He asks her to see that how they are enjoying now. Kids asks Arjun to buy one more icecream. Purvi smiles seeing them.

Police inspector informs Virendra that they are taking him to court to sign on few papers. Virendra nods at him and they leaves for court. Other side, Kids asks Purvi to join them. Arjun gives panipuri to Kids. Purvi refuses to eat so Arjun feeds her. Virendra sees Purvi with Arjun and wonders that what’s happening.

Arjun drops Purvi and Kids in the palace. Purvi thanks Arjun and enters the palace. Sakshi notices Kids excitement and asks Purvi that what happened to them. Purvi shook her head. Kids brings Arjun inside the palace. Juhi tells her that Arjun will stay with them from now on. Sakshi and Purvi stares Arjun.

Purvi tells maid to take Arjun to guest room. Arjun leaves from there. Kids also leaves from there. Sakshi asks Purvi that how can they let Arjun stay with them. Purvi tells her that Arjun behaves differently with Kids that’s why Kids brought him to the palace. She says to her that they need to tolerate him until Virendra gets out of the jail. Prakashi overhears their conversation. Later, Purvi gives fees to Arjun but he refuses. He tells her that he will inform his demand to her in the future.

After some time, Purvi meets Virendra to give food to him. He yells at her and taunts her for spending time with Arjun. She tells him that he never believed her and he won’t believe her in the future too so she will leave. He stops her and tells her that he is afraid to lose her that’s why he behaved like that. He tells her that he don’t want to lose her. She asks him to calm down and tells him that she also don’t want to lose him that’s why she hired Arjun.

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