Choti Sardarni 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Seher wakes up. Rajveer murmurs to her that she is in her dream. She pinches him and asks him that how she reached the lawn. He replies that he did all this to make her morning beautiful and gives tea to her. He compliments her and asks her that what she wants for breakfast. She asks him to not pamper this much otherwise she may end up love him. He tells her that there is no love in his fate and changes the topic. She asks herself that how can she even say that when Rajveer is just her friend.

He gives breakfast to her and she asks him about his breakfast. He tells her that even though the procedure is artificial still they are going to become a parents so they should share a plate too. Then he laughs at her saying that he was just joking and goes to take his plate. She tells herself that she won’t feel bad if there is love in between them then.

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Meanwhile, Rimple tells Didiji that Seher was reading about artificial insemination. Didiji tells her that they needs solid evidence. Gayatri calls Rajveer and Seher picks it and puts the mobile on speaker. She informs them that they can begin artificial insemination procedure tomorrow.

Seher and Rajveer tells her that they are nervous. Gayatri tells them that she can understand that and asks Rajveer to take care of Seher and disconnects the call. She enters her cabin and gets shocks seeing Rimple. Rimple asks her that why the latter lying to Didiji.

On the other hand, Param, Karan and Anu asks Badi B about the situation. She tells them that Seher trust Didiji more than herself that’s why Seher took this decision. Anu tells them that they should provoke Didiji to know about her real intention.

Badi B tells her that she will provoke Didiji and for Seher she can do anything and disconnects the call. She learns that Didiji cooking today. Rajveer and Seher gets surprised seeing Didiji cooking. Didiji tells them that she is doing all this for Sonu and Seher. She asks them about good news.

Badi B comes there and tells them that mother and baby’s connection is unbreakable and talks about upbringing. Didiji gets irritated. Badi B tells her that Seher and her baby should stay together atleast for one year. Didiji tells them that she will take care of baby and others need not to worry about anything and leaves from there. Badi B asks Seher that how can Didiji take baby from her on first day itself. She talks about mother and baby’s connection and asks her that how her baby will stay without her.

Seher goes to Didiji and tells her that she won’t break her promise but the latter’s talks proves that she will separate her from baby. She says to her that she is not machine to get separated from her baby just like that and if the latter is adamant like this then she can’t give her baby. She tells her that she can’t lose her rights on her baby so she won’t give her baby.

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