Choti Sardarni 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Rajveer tells Seher that he is glad that Gayatri saved them at end moment. He gives turmeric milk to her saying that she can’t drink coffee from now on to increase the immunity. She tells him that she can’t do all this. He tells her that they will do it together, because it’s not her solo journey. She asks him that till when he can accompany her, she will become fat and she will be stressed because of her mood swings. She says to him that he will become father directly but it’s she who has to face so many problems and leaves the room. She tells herself that she should apologize to Rajveer for her behavior towards him because he made breakfast for her.

She returns to her room and shocks seeing Rajveer acts like suffering by putting the pillow in his stomach. She laughs seeing him and tells him that he is really cute. She says to him that his wife will be lucky to have him. He tells her that they are not husband and wife but still he can act like her husband. She stares him and drinks milk and tells him that he doesn’t looks like a romantic type. He dances on “Tujhe Dekha To” song with her. Rimple wonders that what’s happening here and decides to talk to Didiji. Seher recalls everything which Rajveer done for her till now and stares him. He asks her that what happened to her. She shook her head. And she asks herself that what’s happening with her.

Other side, Anu tells Param and Karan that she will help them as much as she can even though she worked for Didiji. Param hugs her and thanks her. Karan asks them that what’s their plan. She tells them that they need to know that what all happening in Didiji’s house. Badi B tells them that she has a plan. Other side, Didiji tells Rimple that something is fishy for sure. Rimple asks her that when the latter will find out that. Didiji asks her to find out the truth, which Rajveer and Seher hiding from them. Rimple tells her that she will find out the truth in 24 hours.

Seher thanks Param and Karan for understanding her decision. Karan and Param tells them that Badi B will stay with Seher to take care of her. Seher smiles seeing Badi B. Rimple thinks that they are planning to do something for sure. Didiji tells them that Badi B can stay. Rimple tells her that the latter has big heart. She and Badi B taunts each other. Badi B asks Rimple to show the room to her. Rimple tells her that she is not servant and calls the servant. Didiji tells her that Badi B is their guest and asks her to show the room to Badi B.

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Later, Seher tells Badi B that she is happy that the latter going to stay with her. Badi B tells her that now she believes that the latter really wants to get pregnant. She asks her that what made her take this decision. Seher recalls that how Didiji attempted suicide and asks her to not worry about her because Rajveer is with her in this journey. She tells her that he even quit drinking coffee for her. Rajveer comes there and tells her that he can even die for her. Seher tells him that he is mad. Badi B blesses them and tells them that Meher and Sarab also used to support each other like them.

Precap :

Seher asks Rajveer to don’t pamper her too much otherwise she may end up loving him.

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