Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Mahi wearing the dress and coming to the director. The director checks the dress and says where isbthat dress which he had given her. He calls his AD, he tells him it’s the same dress but she has added some extra clothes to it. Mahi tells the director that the dress was too short so she has added some extra clothes to it, she says that she was very uncomfortable in that dress that’s why she made some changes. Biji and Rupa is looking at Mahi. Even Avneet and Arjun looks at her and Arjun says that Mahi didn’t changed at all she is still the same. He says that we will enjoy how the director will react to it. Avneet tells himif he has done with all the enjoyment then he should do some work. She ask him to go and keep an eye on Jogi and don’t let him come.

Jogi is coming out, Arjun comes to his room and ask him to wait and tells him that he wants to talk something with him. Meanwhile the director ask Mahi to change her dress. Jogi hears the director voice he tries to go out but Arjun makes some excuse and keeps him inside. The director then tries to touch Mahi’s dress, she gets inrage and slaps him and tells him that she doesn’t wants to be a part of his cheap video album. Jogi hears Mahi’s voice again he tries to come out but then again Arjun engages him. Mahi leaves from there.

The director feels humiliated, he tehn ask to packup and threatens them. Avneet tells to the director to check his phone. When he checks his phone he finds an indecent picture of his with a girl. Avneet blackmail him that she have many such picture of him and also have his wife number so she will send these pictures to his wife. The director ask apology from her and ask her not to do anything like that, he says whatever she wants he will do it for her.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Jogi comes out and inquires why they are taking things back. The director tells him that whatever had been done with him, he will cancel the shoot. Avneet pretends that she will manage everything. The director tells to Jogi that Mahi had slapped her in his own set, infront of his people. That’s why he is cancelling the shoot. Jogi tries to justify Mahi, but Avneet provekes him against Mahi. She gives him wrong information and tells him that Mahi doesn’t liked the outfit that’s why she slapped director.

Mahi in the changing room thinking that when Jogi will come she will tell him and then he will punish the director. But when Jogi came he scolded Mahi for her fault. Avneet added fire to the fuel, Jogi ask Mahi to come out. Jogi tells to the director that it’s not his fault and this is his set the. Why will he leave from here. Someone else will leave whose mistake it was, he then holds Mahi’s hand and takes her out of the set. Mahi gets flash back.

Jogi closes the door for Mahi, come sback to his room in anger. He tells that he thought Mahi came here to help him but she came here to spoil his video. Avneet takes the advantage of the situation. She tells him that she has agreed the director for the shooting. She tells him that she will always support him. She ask for his consent, she puts her hand infront of him.

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