Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Mahi stops Jogi from consuming alcohol and warns him that he should start his beginning being sensible and being senseless. Jogi tells her that to leave and he will do what ever he wants to do. Mahi tells him she is the one whome he need now and also tells him that his hard words will not stop her as she knows that he is angry on her. She takes Jogi with her infront of Arjun.

All family members get shock to see Mahi, Avneet cannot believe her eyes how Mahi came here. Mahi takes Jogi to the director. She pleads for another chance for Jogi. She tells him that she will fix everything. The director tells her that Jogi can’t even do lipsing to his own song so how can he dance. She says that she is his wife and she will dance with him and Jogi will do as he says. Avneet is angry.

Jogi tries to tell something but the director stops him by saying he cannot do anything atleast listen to his wife might be he become famous. Avneet gets angry as she sees the director scolding Jogi. Jogi tells to Avneet that she cannot dance like these dancers. Avneet request the director that she cannot dance like them so can she do her own dance. The director agrees, he says let’s try this also. Biji is happy to see Mahi, she says now everything will be fine, Rupa doesn’t seems happy.

Mahi comes with Jogi to his dressing room. She tells him wow he is enjoying his life. Jogi ask her how she reached here as she doesn’t want to come. She tells him that she always wanted to come but she had faced lots of problems while coming here. She reminds him of the promises they did in their wedding. She tells him that she will face all trouble and will always help him. She says that even if she doesn’t like his song she will help him.

Jogi says if she doesn’t like then no need to force herself doing anything for him. She tells him that it’s not necessary to like everything of the person they love, sometime it’s up and sometimes it’s down. She tells him that they will go home and sort out their differences. She then hugs him even Jogi hugs her back. Avneet looks at them and feels very angry.

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Jogi tells Mahi that when he need her the most she was not there with him. She consoles him and tells that she will always help him. Jogi leaves, Mahi tells to herself that whatever Avneet had done today to stop her from reaching Jogi and how badly she failed in her plan. Avneet is very angry, she slaps Chanda infront of Arjun, he ask her to keep control of herself. Chandna tries to justify herself. Avneet tells her that from next time donot use your brain and follow her instructions only. Chandni leaves from there. Arjun ask her now what will she do to stop Mahi.

Avneet says that for her every thing is fair but for Mahi she will never adjust with her dignity. That’s why she will do nothing now. She tells him that the dress director has choosen for her to wear she have seen that dress and also she knows that Mahi will never wear that dress.

The director is choosing dress for Mahi, she doesn’t tells him anything but she feels little disturbed by seeing the dresses as those are very short for her. She tells him that she doesn’t wear such type of dress. The director says that she have to wear this dress only otherwise he will cancel the shooting and Jogi career will end. Then Mahi agrees to wear the dress. She puts the dress on her and checks herself in the mirror.

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