Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Shubhra asking Vedika to come along with her, but Samaira stops them. She ask Shubhra to stay there for a while along with her kids and Vedika. She also gives gifts to Vedika along with Rishi and Roli. Vedika gets happy and plays with them. Samaira goes away, whereas Shubhra gets elated seeing her plan working. Kuldeep embraces her and says that everything will get fine, while she states that only Vedika can change Samaira. She gets some hope, whereas Kuldeep also agrees with her. He ask Shubhra to notify about it to Anant.

Here, Shubhra apprises Anant about taking Vedika to Samaira’s house. He gets furious and scolds her. She tries to explain herself, while he says that he can’t trust Samaira. He reminds her about what Samaira have done with them. Shubhra replies that only Vedika can change Samaira and can evoke a motherly feeling inside her.

Kuldeep sees Samaira while she gets angry on him. She taunts him, while he ask her to go to Dubai without him. She declares that she will take him along with her, while he mocks her. She gets anxious and tries to hit him but he holds her hand and gives her a warning. He advice her to change herself and tells her that Vedika can actually help her to change. He leaves from there, while she keeps looking at him.

Elsewhere, Shubhra packs her stuffs from the office and decides to do work from home. At that time Harsh comes there and she remembers Kuldeep’s words about Harsh and Samaira’s union. She gets furious and taunts him. He questions that why she haven’t sended Rishi for his session. She declares that she won’t send her kids to him anymore and states that she knows what is best for her kids.

Shubhra gets emotional and says that she thought he is her best friend and she can rely on him. She shows her disappointment towards him, while he ask her to concentrate on her life. He ask her not to let Rishi’s life get affected and advice her not to judge him. He ask her to focus on Rishi and leaves from there.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Ahead, Chandrani mocks Phirki. Meanwhile, latter serves food to Chandrani. She intentionally ruins Phirki’s dress, while latter panics and rants about how costly it is. Chandrani gets shocked hearing the amount and questions that from where she got money to buy such expensive dress? Phirki tries to avoid the topic but Chandrani makes he sit and fake praises her. She takes Phirki to her side, while latter tells that she knows many secrets of Samaira.

Phirki says that Samaira can give Aher anything in order to hide her secret, while Chandrani gets suspicious. Later, she calls Kuldeep and informs him about it. She ask him to beware of Samaira, while he ask her to come back in order to protect her. She assures him and states that she will come back only after learning about Samaira’s secret.

Further, Anant visits Shubhra’s house. They all have dinner together. Shubhra requests Anant to leave Vedika with them for some while. Vedika also requests, whereas Anant agrees and hugs her. They both gets emotional, whereas Shubhra admires their bond. Later, she receives Kuldeep’s message regarding Chandrani being with Phirki.

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