Bhagya Lakshmi 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Neelam and Virendra fights regarding Rishi case matter. Rishi stops them saying we will win this case so don’t fight over it. Karishma says this girl is cunning and I feel you did wrong by meeting her. Ayush asks her to don’t criticize others. Karishma warns to slap him. Police come to arrest Rishi saying Neelam went to bribe Shanaya and ask to take case back. Lakshmi and others pleads them to not arrest Rishi but inspection won’t listen and tells them that you guys showed the power of money on that girl and we will show the power of law. Ayush asks if they have warrant. Inspector shows warrant and takes Rishi with them by arresting him. Lakshmi follows him. Virendra sends Ayush behind Rishi.

Neelam calls her Dad amd asks him to do something to save their Rishi. Her Dad says that girl is cunning and I’m talking to Virendra and he is doing everything. Neelam asks her Dad to return to india. Her Dad says arrangements are happening and don’t forget Virendra will deal everything even if I returned to India so trust him. Neelam cuts the call and thinks what Virendra can do when I can’t do anything.

Karishma informs to Malishka that Rishi arrested because of Neelam attempt. Malishka says she will go to meet Rishi at station than will think what we have to do to save him. Lakshmi comes to station to meet Rishi and he asks why she came to station. Lakshmi says from morning onwards I tried to tell you it and I dreamed in the morning that you proved innocent and it will become true and don’t lose your hope and confidence as you’re going to win it. Rishi smiles with her words. Ayush ti comes to Rishi and he promises to Rishi that everything will be fine.

Rishi asks Ayush to take Lakshmi to home. Lakshmi holds his hand. Malishka comes and holds Rishi’s hand. She says, I couldn’t keep myself away, so came to meet you. Rishi notices Lakshmi looking at Malishka holding his hand and he indirectly warns her. Malishka about to leave after apologizing them than Lakshmi asks Malishka, what are you hiding? I know that Rishi is good friend to you that’s why you came here like you came to Shimla and thank you for supporting him. Contestable says their time is over than Lakshmi asks him to think about dream and leaves from station.

Neelam cries badly for Rishi. Karishma tries to console her. Neelam says because of me he gets jailed again. Karishma says don’t worry as Malishka saves Rishi with her connections. Neelam says wish Lakshmi kundali can save him. Karishma says Malishka trials will get successful.

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Ayush closes laptop and questions Lakshmi why she is listening to Shanaya interviews and that girl knows that Cctv was not working thats why she is implementing everything according to her plan. Lakshmi says we want to solve this matter but Shanaya is playing game with her lies so we have to take support of lie to reveal the truth as it’s not mistake to lie when we are about to save someone’s life. Ayush asks her to remember it always than he makes her leave it and asks her what she wants him to do. Lakshmi says Mom knows that Shanaya is greedy that’s why she took money to her. Ayush asks than why she denied money. Lakshmi says Shanaya is greedy that’s why she wants to get more money to get her life settled so we need to make her confess the truth. Ayush asks why will she confess.

Lakshmi says her greediness will make her confess and you’re going to meet her as Sardar ji who’s opponent to Rishi’s business and you’re named as Mr Bindra. Ayush asks what he have to do as Bindra. Lakshmi says tell her that you want Rishi to rot in jail and win her trust and tell her that you’re ready to give her anything and asks if she have any proof than she will deny it as she don’t have no proofs than we can record her confession.

Ayush says it’s difficult. Lakshmi says we have to try. Ayush agrees to do it for Rishi than he makes website of Mr Bindra. Lakshmi prays Maata rani to help them. Conestable tells to Rishi that you’re lucky to have a wife who trusts you and you will definitely get saved from this case. Lakshmi asks Ayush to arrange money and paper. Ayush leaves to arrange it. Rishi happily thinks about Lakshmi.

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