Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Rani asks Veer to sleep but he refuses and asks her to dance with him. She plays music and starts dancing with him on ‘kamariya’ song. On the other hand, Champa drags Jai to a room and locks the door. He tells her that she will put him in trouble by doing this and asks her to not waste his time and open the door. She asks him that why he apologized to Nanthini and he should choose between her and Nanthini now. She tells him to understand that she loves him and their relationship is special that’s why he came to her. He asks her that why she is blabbing and Nanthini is his lottery ticket. She tells him that he is just seeing the benefits but she won’t let Nanthini snatch him from her.

Meanwhile, Nanthini finds Jai’s mobile and searches him to give it to him. Jai tells Champa that she is making him angry and asks her to open the door. She tells him that she also gets angry seeing him with Nanthini. He tries to snatch the key from her but could not. She warns him that she has evidence against him so he should not dare to go against her. He tells her that they should stay calm for now. She asks him to not break his promise and opens the door. Jai hides seeing Nanthini.

Nanthini asks Champa that didn’t the latter left yet. Champa tells her that she does what she wants to do. She threatens to reveal the truth. Jai thinks that Champa messing up. Nanthini tells Champa that she and Jai are in good terms now. Champa asks her to not fly too much. Nanthini tells her that she don’t have time to listen the latter’s nonsense and asks her to leave the house. Rani comes there and asks Nanthini that is everything fine. Nanthini nods at her and everyone leaves from there. Jai gets relieved.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Rajeshwari tells Rajmata that first time Veer asked her something so she will fulfil his wish no matter what. Rani tells them that there is no school in her village so they can open school in her village instead of spending so much money for this marriage. They agrees to fulfil her wish.

Vikram could not sleep and he messages Kiara. Veer wakes up and Rani feeds him. He tells her that he hated to see her face but now he can’t think about anything else than her. She tells him that he is saying all this because he is drunk now. She says to him that she need to study. He asks her to promise that she will top in her engineering exam. She promises to him. He asks her to give speech. She gives credit of her success to Ramadheer and Veer.

Vikram tries to convince Kiara. Kajri overhears his conversation with Kiara and thinks that she will become the younger daughter in law of this family no matter what. Later, Priest tells Rajavat’s that after 3 days Veer and Rani can get married. Rani thinks to expose Jai within 3 days.

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