Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Anurag waiting for Kajol and practising what he will tell Kajol. He thinks hello Mrs Mukherjee your voice is very beautiful but your eyes are more beautiful. He searches for pick up lines on internet and tries calling Kajol. Kajol has met an accident and fell on the floor. Thakur Maa calls Rajesh and asks him where is Kajol. Rajesh tells her not to worry she might be meeting some clients. Thakur Maa gets worried thinking about Kajol. Shyam tells her not to worry.

Anurag tries calling Kajol but her phone his off and he gets angry. Anurag returns home. Anurag’s father tells him he knows Anurag doesn’t like him but he can keep that inside the home he doesn’t have to show that to everyone in the city. Anurag thinks Kajol said yes still why didn’t she come? If she didn’t want to come to she could have said,I was waiting for her since one hour. Anurag thinks he will call and ask her why she did so? Anurag thinks he will go to her office and ask her why didn’t she come?

Anurag asks Rajesh where is Kajol? Rajesh tells she left for office but she did not come to office and she is not with any client either. Anurag tells she might be in some problem and he tells Rajesh not to tell her family anything or else they will worry. Arjun comes Kajol’s house. Thakur Maa tells why did you come here when Kajol has told you she doesn’t want any relationship with you? Anurag tells Rajesh this is an emergency and I am going to police station and you inform her family that she is missing since morning.

Thakur Maa tells Arjun to leave. Chandana brings Arjun inside and tells Naina to bring some snacks for him. Rajesh tells Thakur Maa that Kajol is missing since morning and he doesn’t know where she is. Apu tells Kajol went to bank with me and then she left for meeting a client in a taxi. Naina tells maybe she is fine and taking some time-off,she might be enjoying somewhere and we are worrying about her. Thakur Maa tells she is Kajol not Naina that she will enjoy when there is so much problem at home.

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Arjun tells he knows this is family matter but even police won’t write a report before 24hrs. Anurag watches the news that a truck ran over a auto and a girl and the driver died on spot. Anurag tells his aunt that Kajol used to travel by same road daily and he is worried if Kajol met an accident. Anurag calls Rajesh and tells he just saw news that a girl met accident on the road Kajol used to travel. The episode ends with Kajol’s family getting shocked after watching the news of accident on TV.

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