Molkki 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Arjun submits evidence as Daksh dress to prove that Virendra is innocent. Purvi tells Sakshi that so Arjun was talking about these evidences. She recalls that how Arjun checked Daksh’s dress and clicked pictures of that too. Arjun tells Judge that someone else was there in that hotel and that person only shooted Daksh not Virendra. Daksh’s Lawyer tells Judge that Arjun’s statement is baseless because Police found just one bullet in that hotel room not two.

Arjun tells Judge that Police failed to do their job properly and Virendra can’t suffer because of their carelessness so this case should be reopened. He asks Judge to give him chance to prove that murderer is someone else. Judge announces that maybe Virendra is not the murderer and gives permission to reopen the case. Purvi and Sakshi gets relieved hearing that. Virendra and Purvi moves towards each other and the latter hugs the former. He praises her for reopening the case. She tells him that he will return home soon. He tells her that he trust her completely.

She tells him that Sakshi also helped her so much. He ignores that and he thanks Arjun. Arjun asks him to not worry about anything because the latter will be released soon. Police takes Virendra from there. Purvi tells Arjun that she thought he will lose the case deliberately and apologizes to him for thinking like that. He asks her that why he will do that. She informs him that she saw him with Prakashi and Anjali.

He tells her that half truth is really dangerous and he is not like other Lawyers and he fights for justice not for money. He recalls that how he returned the money to Prakashi saying that he is interested in the case not in money. He informs everything to Purvi. Purvi thanks him and and tells him that she is ready to help him in this case and he leaves from there.

Arjun takes one bullet and recalls that how he found that bullet in the hotel room. He decides to hide about it from Purvi because it’s his trump card and he will use that for his bigger plans. He thinks that only this bullet can save Virendra and he will use this bullet to fulfil his real motive.

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On the other hand, Sakshi scolds Prakashi saying that the latter won’t change and she did mistake by believing her. She reveals that she knows that the latter tried to bribe Arjun. Purvi informs Prakashi that Virendra’s case got reopened. Prakashi defends herself. Sakshi asks Prakashi and Anjali to leave the palace. She calls the Servants and tells them to pack Prakashi and Anjali’s stuff and throw them out of the palace. Prakashi tells her that the latter doing wrong by troubling her when she is sick. She thinks that she can’t leave the palace and makes Anjali fall from stairs. She acts like she is worried for Anjali and asks others to call the Doctor.

After some time, Anjali cries saying that it’s paining a lot. Doctor tells them that it will take atleast one month to recover and Anjali needs complete bed rest and leaves from there. Purvi tells them that they can stay for one month.

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