Balika Vadhu 2 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Anandi dancing with the troop. Everyone gets awestruck seeing her performance and the people watching give the troop lot of money. The lady thinks Anandi is dancing so gracefully like a fairy. The other girl Jhumki feels jealous of Anandi. After performance, troop collects their money and lady gives Anandi some share of money. Anandi is hesitant to take it but then accepts it. The lady asks her where she is going. Anandi tells her she is going to her parents house and was there at her uncle’s house. The lady realizes Anandi has fled from her house without informing anyone.

Premji reaches the place where Anandi is. Lady thinks she needs to keep Anandi with herself. She tells her fellow dancer that Anandi is already beautiful and once she grows up she will look more beautiful. Anandi tells lady that she will leave. But she stops her by offering her food. Then she acts to get call from someone. She tells Anandi that there is bus strike and none of the buses will go anywhere. Anandi gets worried but lady says that they will be going to some place further from Devgarh and will drop her on the way.

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Anandi sees Premji and inform the dancers about it. The dancers surround Anandi so Premji fails to see her. Premji thinks that area doesn’t look like where Anandi will be and leaves from there. The lady asks Jhumki to take Anandi inside room. Sejal cries badly at home, Devali says its all because of her over affection. Maadi Baa comes there and asks Devali to shut up. She says she will go to find her grand daughter in law. Even Jigar says that they should go to find Anandi.

Jigar goes on his cycle to find Anandi and thinks he will be scolded badly if they know Jigar had advised Anandi to tell truth to Anandi. Maadi Baa tells Devraj that Anandi is dedicated towards god and asks him to go to temple. Jhumki takes Anandi’s share of money and tells her she is the best dancer in troop and Anandi cannot replace her. Anandi tells her to take the money and says she just wants to go back to home. Jhumki tells her that the lady is very cruel and won’t allow Anandi to go back, instead will make her dance to earn the money.

Lady and her partner were discussing to leave soon before Anandi’s family reports to police station. Anandi goes and shouts at lady for deceiving her and tries to run away. But they catch her and lock her inside the room. Anandi thinks of a plan and unplugs the wire of fan. She pretends to feel thirsty and asks man for water, then she asks him to check the fan, while he is checking, Anandi stealthily tries to run away. The episode ends with the troops running behind Anandi to stop her.

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